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  1. San Jose, California
  2. Metal
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  1. Offscourings
    by Mefitis
  2. split
    by Enkil / Nephilim
  3. Fons Immortalis
    by Vulpecula
  4. 32 Bit Breaks
    by Lil Creepshow
  5. Made in Hawaii
    by Vixen
  6. Voidgazer
    by Pneuma Hagion
  7. Con Su Pistola en La Mano
    by Maquahuitl
  8. At the Altar of Mictlampa
    by Maquahuitl
  9. Panquetzaliztli
    by Maquahuitl
  10. Teocalli of the Sacred War
    by Maquahuitl
  11. Blood of Kings and Ancestral Might
    by Maquahuitl
  12. Ecchymosis | Ritualistic Intercourse Within Abject Surrealism
    by New Standard Elite
  13. Found Hanging | Spilled Forth Despoiled Remnants
    by New Standard Elite
  14. Perpetual Gestation | Excremental Uremic Fragrance
    by New Standard Elite
  15. Slaughtercult
    by Exhumed
  16. Gore Metal
    by Exhumed
  17. Body Disposal Expert
    by Murderman
  18. Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse
    by Fornicatador
  19. Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain Matter Of Xenophobes
    by Sulfuric Cautery
  20. Immense Thickening Vomit
    by Mephitic Corpse