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  1. El Ten Eleven (15th Anniversary Edition)
    by El Ten Eleven
    My Only Swerving My Only Swerving
    This album is a journey. It feels like driving across the desert as the sky slowly turns sunset red. It feels like remembering the places that you are leaving behind, and the people you will probably never see again.

    These melodies are a reminder that the past has made us who we are, but it is up to us to shape ourselves into who we will be.

    The important part is the journey, not the destination.
  2. Gaijin LP
    by Elijah Nang
  3. Malfunction
    by Steam Powered Giraffe
  4. Nyarlathotep
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  5. Yog-Sothoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  6. Azathoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  7. Cthulhu
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  8. Flourish
    by Curtis Graham
  9. Gaia
    by Curtis Graham
  10. Sanctum
    by Metatron Omega