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  1. El Din (part one) / Olde Wobbly
    by Shackleton
  2. Stalker
    by Shackleton
  3. I Want to Eat You / Hummdrumm
    by Shackleton
  4. Prole Art Threat
    by East Man
  5. Burn
    by Rider Shafique / The Bug
    Goddamn FIRE.
  6. Source
    by Gábor Lázár
    Stream Stream
    Mind boggling frequency gymnastics. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next level!
  7. Metal Preyers
    by Metal Preyers
  8. Chicago,Detroit,Redruth
    by Luke Vibert
  9. 1000 gecs
    by 100 gecs, Dylan Brady & Laura Les
    800db cloud 800db cloud
    The fuck did I just listen to?! Awesome.
  10. CLPPNG
    by clipping.
  11. Chemical Flowers
    by Helm
    Toxic Racecourse Toxic Racecourse
    This is such a stunningly beautiful record
  12. The Album
    by D'Arcangelo
    Coal Garden Coal Garden
    Such a great album! Everything is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. Everybody should own a copy imo
  13. Eastern Code
    by East Man
    Selector Selector
    Rounding out a top year here! Minimal AF, club wrecking tackle of the highest order.
  14. Shades Of... Anthology
    by GRAY
    The Mysterious Ashley Bickerton The Mysterious Ashley Bickerton
    I've waited so long to get these tunes all in one place and they do not disappoint! One of the best records I've gotten this year, hands down.
  15. Naga
    by RRRitalin
  16. Abrasion Invasion EP
    by V/A
    Do It Now Do It Now
    Big ups club madness!!!
  17. HyperSwim
    by Hyperdub
    Lee Gamble, Chain 9 Lee Gamble, Chain 9
    My haven't we grown in 15 years! I still remember when you were 5 and popping out some proper sub wrecking carnage! Cheers Hyperdub, you've landed some big tunes, top artists and amazing albums into my life and I would have had some huge gaps in my DJ sets without you! here's to another 15 xx
  18. Exhaust
    by Lee Gamble
    Envenom Envenom
    Wow. Just wow.
  19. Tunes 2011 to 2019
    by Burial
  20. Incised Shards
    by Lensk
    Collision Collision
    Fuckin' mint record!