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  1. Coherence
    by Be'lakor
    Hidden Window Hidden Window
    The Masters of chills & thrills!
    No other band can top Belakor for their originally, melody and fat-ass riffs 🤘
    I cannot wait for stock to arrive
    Thanks legend's 🤘🎁😁
  2. Tranquility
    by Alex Marko
  3. Abyss
    by Unleash The Archers
  4. The Arising
    by Zac Leaser
  5. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
  6. The Long Road Home
    by Iapetus
    ...Of Hangmen & Vertebrae ...Of Hangmen & Vertebrae
    This album is a true Masterpiece!
    The quiet lead-in and then...

    ...Of Hangmen & Vertebrae!

    My goodness!

    The chills and emotions this song emits are the perfect lead-in to the rest of the perfectly crafted album.

    Thank you Guys! You Rock🤘
  7. The Squatch Expands Life Remixes
    by Mr Squatch
  8. Titanomachy
    by Gorgon
  9. Elegy
    by Gorgon
    oh my! what an amazing array of sounds 👍 so many cultural influences combined to achieve such a complex and full sounding album. Horns up all the way 🤘🤘🤘
  10. Tribal Technology Pt.1 - Ancients Calling (96kHz 24bit)
    by Merkaba
  11. Culture Ruins Everything Around Me
    by Future Corpse
  12. Another World to Consume
    by Future Corpse
    Planetary Collapse Planetary Collapse
    Wow! What an epic sound. These guys are some of the best musicians going round;🤘 a massive meld of Rage Against The Machine, Dream Theater and Mr Bungle but not just limited to those styles. The different sounds through my speakers leave me wanting more and just leaving the album on repeat👍
  13. Ends of the Earth
    by Euphoreon
    Euphoria Euphoria
    This album is full on!
    So many truths told about aspects of a lifetime. The feelings conjured whilst listening remind me of both hard and wonderful years of my life and in the end, we will always overcome diversity with the power within us.
  14. Entity
    by Moonscape
    Entity Part IV: Abandonment Entity Part IV: Abandonment
    I love albums which take me to another reality! Entity does just that with an epic tale of darkness and uncertainty told with epic solos and bone crunching riffs. Do yourself a favour and get on the Moonscape journey👍
  15. A Beautiful Dystopia
    by Okera
    Like Jewels In The Sky Like Jewels In The Sky
    Yet another awesome Melbourne band! Thanks to Be’lakor for the recommendation 🤘
    Okera’s sound is dark, haunting and captivating and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on future albums.