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  1. Yours (feat. Sarah Bird)
    by New Arcades
    These guys never miss. Another banger from New Arcades. Nice one!
  2. All We Live For
    by W O L F C L U B
    Absolute synth pop gold! Amazing track. Anthemic, high energy and just what you need to kick off a neon tinged night of synth. Great work!
  3. Kids
    by The Midnight
  4. Secret
    by Primo the Alien & Ace Buchannon
    Well, this was an immediate purchase. What a song!
  5. Malibu Broken
    by Jessie Frye & Ollie Wride
    Don't think, just get this in your ears immediately. What. A. Song!
  6. The Future That Never Happened
    by Platforms
    What an incredible record. Everything is spot on and the guitar work is sublime. Kudos on an awesome album!
  7. Easy Lover (feat. A/C St. Clair & Emma Rowley
    by Neon Arcadia
    Just perfect! Totally knocked it out of the park. This will be on repeat forever.
  8. While The City Sleeps Feat Octal Drive
    by Oceanside85
    Simply amazing! What a song!
  9. Automatic Call
    by NINA
    This song is just perfect. Such an earworm and I love it!
  10. Ideality
    by OSC
    80s funk perfection from start to finish. I have no favourite, they're all stand out tracks! Now excuse me, I must gurn hard to the sweet sweet funky vibes.
  11. Thanks in Advance
    by Ollie Wride
  12. Sleepwalking (Album)
    by NINA
  13. Returning Home
    by New Arcades
  14. Dark All Day
    by GUNSHIP
  15. Endless Summer
    by The Midnight
  16. Life Is Pain
    by Depravity
  17. RetroSynth Horror
    by Various Artists
  18. Atlas
    by FM-84
  19. Nocturnal
    by The Midnight
  20. The Rise Of The Synths (Official Companion Album) EP 2
    by The Rise Of The Synths
  21. Top Cat Collective EP
    by Top Cat Collective
  22. Mr. Badass
    by Ben Higgins
  23. Creature of Curiosity
    by White Bone Rattle
  24. From the Depths
    by Karybdis

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  1. Sleepwalking (Album)
    by NINA