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  1. Digital Technology
    by The Chap
  2. Вдох (Breathe) - The original song
    by MiatriSs
  3. Royalpony- Princess Molestia 3.0 (BABScon 2018)
    by RoyalPony
  4. Royalpony- Under Our Spell (Dubstep Remix)
    by RoyalPony
  5. S3RL- Pretty Rave Girl (Royalpony Remix)
    by RoyalPony
  6. Royalpony & Cosine- HERD CONTROL (PROJECT INTENSITY)(BC2K18 Special)
    by RoyalPony
  7. Royalpony- Princess, no... But a Queen! (FT. RIBONCHAN)
    by RoyalPony
  8. Rebirth
    by Ponies at Dawn
  9. The Pink Side of The Moon (Remastered)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  10. Pinkie Pie's Big Bounce House
    by Lavender Harmony
  11. Spider Girl [SayMaxWell Remix]
    by Shadrow
  12. TETRIS
    by MiatriSs
  13. Die House - Cuphead Remix ft. Triforcefilms
    by MiatriSs
  14. Gospel of Dismay Remix ft. Triforcefilms
    by MiatriSs
  15. Bad Apple [Remix]
    by SayMaxWell
    Bad Apple [Remix] Bad Apple [Remix]
  16. Shantae Remixes
    by SayMaxWell
    Rottytops Theme [Remix] Rottytops Theme [Remix]
  17. Bendy and the Ink Machine [Remix]
    by SayMaxWell
  18. Gospel Of Dismay [Remix]
    by SayMaxWell
  19. Slipstream Original Soundtrack
    by eff
    At first, i didn't like it... because i thought this is rap... But as I really like Craspore I gave this album a chance and kept on hearing song after song. Anyhow I realized how wrong I was and began loving this album even if I don't understand any Russian.
    I can't even say why i like it, but it does.