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  1. Roaming In Teesdale
    by Black Hill & Cousin Silas
    Black Hill - Grassland blues Black Hill - Grassland blues
  2. Beskidy
    by Docetism
    Border Range Border Range
    Everything's gonna turn out just fine.
  3. Driving Under The Influence Of Jams
    by Electric Octopus
    New Jam #1 New Jam #1
    Spiritual Lighthouse of Humanity.
  4. Crossing Bridges
    by Nunc Stans
    Falling From My Hands Falling From My Hands
    You can try to quench the thirst for ruins.
  5. AVA
    by Keosz
    Equanimity Of The Senses Equanimity Of The Senses
    Despite the intrinsic-geometric timelessness of the genre, I would highlight how this album subtlety lingers in the 90's.

    Time and space cannot be disentangled.
  6. SURGE
    by Johannes Malfatti
    I've been listening to this like a daily pill, as it were, and it still gets me every time.
  7. The Lurking Fear
    by Miguel A. Garcia & Miguel Souto
    Trioptesmeae Trioptesmeae
    «We're heading somewhere, Boss, I can smell it. BUT YOU'D BETTER LIKE IT RAW.»
  8. Watching The Light Fade
    by Darwin Raymond
    Watching The Light Fade Watching The Light Fade
    What Remains
    Unknown, or Unremembered
    Watching the Light Fade

    (and this short record lasts the same as an actual sunset; ooooooooh!)
  9. Une Histoire de Bleu
    by Tomonari Nozaki
    Introduction Introduction
    In the beginning, it was waste, void, and noise. Then we'll see.
  10. Self Titled LP
    by Pinkish Black
    Tastes Like Blood Tastes Like Blood
    I'm amazed by how these wizards manage to crack open the spectrum, and casually chill out within the hole they just have created.
  11. The Deluge
    by William Basinski
    Cascade Cascade
    "I wanted Cascade to become this crystalline organism like a star or a liquid crystal spaceship, a jellyfish traveling through the galaxy…"
  12. Low Tide Lover
    by Los Craters
    One Time Lover One Time Lover
    They make me miss something I didn't even experienced!
  13. Live at Empty Bottle December 15, 2015
    by Pelican
    GW/Mammoth GW/Mammoth
    Life Goals.
    by L'Enfant De La Forêt
    The Rope The Rope
    Geometrical and dark, truly beautiful and complex.
    Kind of otherworldly, flat out excellent.
  15. Folk Magic
    by Wavelength
    Call upon the witch Call upon the witch
    A condensed bonfire party, with its sunset, dark night, sunrise, breakfast, and nap.
  16. A Dead-Ender's Reunion
    by Rosetta
    Au Pays Natal [2005 Acoustic] Au Pays Natal [2005 Acoustic]
    Rosetta playing on several parallel universes.
  17. Black Snow Desert
    by Nonsun
    Observing the Absurd Observing the Absurd
    Live slow, vanish whenever.
    Black Is Not A Colour Black Is Not A Colour
    Music can hate concepts, human individuals, as well as other music.
  19. CROMO piano & drones
    by Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow
    CROMO piano & drones 5 CROMO piano & drones 5
    «Oh! What a wonderful breeze!»
    said one god to the other.
  20. Drudge, Dregs & Degradation EP
    by Goat Bong
    In the Den of Goats In the Den of Goats
    This brought me back when I was so deep Into The Lungs Of Hell!
  21. Helluland
    by Northumbria
    Helluland Helluland
    An album meant to be heard *completely* still: breath or blink and you will be missing something.

    Let it wreck you at slow motion.
  22. The Drone and the Use of the Drone
    by Dirty Knobs
    The Drone and the Use of the Drone (Parts I, III and VII) The Drone and the Use of the Drone (Parts I, III and VII)
    "... the Drone, and the Use of the Drone..." makes for a strong, mind-focusing, soul-nestling, 21st century mantra.
  23. Revisionist
    by Sannhet
    Empty Harbor Empty Harbor
    This album is so rich and flavorful that it could be easily mistaken for a dark escargot stew, no synesthesia requiered.
  24. Quintessential Ephemera
    by Rosetta
    (Untitled V) (Untitled V)
    Hegoak ebaki banizkio
    nerea izango zen,
    ez zuen aldegingo.

    Love of my life.
  25. A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth
    by Black Earth
    Nisi Solis Nobis Scripsimus Nisi Solis Nobis Scripsimus
    If you let yourself go, this will drag you into some kind of abyss, where the blacker than the blackest blackness dwells.

    Quite a cuttie.
  26. Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    by Misþyrming
    Stjörnuþoka Stjörnuþoka
    The gale broke loose, mesmerizingly sentient and violent.

    A 2015 highlight this far.
  27. Rosetta: Audio/Visual Original Score
    by Rosetta
    Bergmann's Rule Bergmann's Rule
    Let them whisper random trivia about time and space in your ears.
  28. Internal Flight 2013 (guitar version)
    by Estas Tonne
    Internal Flight.Estas Tonne (guitar version) Internal Flight.Estas Tonne (guitar version)
    It's all vibration, maaaaaaaan.
  29. Koronis
    by Carrion Mother
    Venus, Goddess Venus, Goddess
    Excuse the nerdy point, but ultrafan of the Heaviside moments in Koronis.
  30. Empires
    by Vile Regression
    Down to a Sunless Sea Down to a Sunless Sea
    Solid and emergent. It may look like [sweet] chaos, but please take a closer look.
  31. Into the Cockpit
    by Basilisk
    Gravity Gravity
    The basilisk, under self-control, blasts a focused (and sadly short) stream of anger.
  32. EP
    by Green Druid
    Ritual Sacrifice Ritual Sacrifice
    Play it loud, folks. The louder the safer.
  33. Dayalu / for Nepal
    by hibernate
    Accidental Accidental
    Forza Nepal :-(
  34. ff021 - Soom - Ніч на полонині
    by freak friendly diy
    Дивний сон за 419 років до пробудження | Strange dream at 419 years before awakening Дивний сон за 419 років до пробудження | Strange dream at 419 years before awakening
    Red Doom.
  35. Cuts from the Ether
    by Sungod
    Gas is Better than Gas Gas is Better than Gas
    Take me with you, wherever the hell you're going.
  36. Future Terrain
    by Max Corbacho
    Future Terrain Future Terrain
    The calmed breathing of a benevolent leviathan.
  37. Vol I
    by Inner Altar
    III Fall Of The Rebel Angels III Fall Of The Rebel Angels
    A flaming arrow flying towards my heart, always hungry of doomy sounds. Didn't even try to dodge.
  38. Strange Broue
    by Strange Broue
    Electric Blizzard Electric Blizzard
    Black&Purple-hued haze to my ears.
  39. Tales from Beyond
    by Grimmage
    Hunter Hunter
    A lot of things are going on here, and all of them are handled and blended with such a good taste.
  40. Ultimate Temple of Doom
    by Böse
    Ultimate Temple of Doom Ultimate Temple of Doom
    These folks will soon be doom-legends.
  41. Deeper than bones
    by Böse
    Deeper than bones Deeper than bones
    Exceptional piece of music of a genre yet to be named: Doom Lullaby.
  42. 38 Phases
    by The Re-Stoned
    Green Line Green Line
    Here's some music capable of powering a mid-size home appliance just by awesomeness radiation.
  43. Withered Shades
    by Ophis
    Suffering Is A Virtue Suffering Is A Virtue
    A murder of one thousand crows.
  44. Cosmic Sounds
    by The Space Spectrum
    The Giant Orbit The Giant Orbit
    As the art suggests, Space Travel and Desert Travel masterfully blended.
  45. Aldri
    by Aldri
    Motvind Motvind
    For doom standards, this is a joyful party with beers, minicroissants filled with Nocilla and cheese and chorizo.

    Now these guys are on my radar.