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  1. The Problem With Me
    by Paul Messis
  2. The Lost Soundtrack
    by The Well Wishers
  3. s/t
    by The Higher State
  4. Penny Arcade
    by Paul Messis
  5. Change Your Mind
    by The Young Sinclairs
  6. Once Or Twice
    by The Young Sinclairs
  7. I Found You Out b/w When You Go single
    by The Beginner's Mynd
  8. The Velvet You
    by The Noble Krell
  9. Volume 27
    by The Higher State
  10. Don't Know Why
    by The Wrong Society
  11. See You in the Next World
    by The Vapour Trails
  12. Ain't Gonna Let You Stay
    by The Creation Factory
  13. Spring
    by The Creation Factory
  14. Minor Blemishes
    by The Unswept
  15. Murder Beach
    by Tony Low
  16. On Top of the World
    by Alex Dominish
  17. A Dozen Or Seven Tapestries
    by Lolas
  18. So You Say You Lost Your Baby
    by Fireking
  19. So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Gene Clark cover)
    by Mud Pie Sun
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. So You Say You Lost Your Baby
    by The Higher State
  21. Hey Joe
    by The Creation
  22. Hey Joe
    by The Revox
  23. Just A Man
  24. And Your Bird Can Sing
    by The Riffbrokers
  25. Words Of Love
    by IMAGINE The Tribute
  26. Gene Clark
    by The Valkarys
  27. My Back Pages
    by Travoltas
  28. I Walked With A Zombie (Roky Erickson cover)
    by Valient Himself and the Gamblers
  29. When You Walk In The Room
  30. The Bells of Rhymney
    by Finn & His Rustkickers
  31. This Is Where We Come From
    by The Kavanaghs
  32. She Don't Care About Time
    by The Phringe Dwellers
  33. She Don't Care About Time
  34. If I Needed Someone
    by The Mersey Beatles
  35. My Back Pages
    by Jeff Cannata
  36. Tidal Ways
    by Michael Bain
  37. Colorado
    by Fever Blanket
  38. Spring
    by snark hunters
  39. always love
    by Gretchen's Wheel
  40. Like Oxygen
    by The Bobbleheads
  41. Anne Murray Centre
    by The Bobbleheads
  42. Dreaming
    by The Top Boost
  43. Half A Wolf
    by The Embryos
  44. Singles Club Volume 1
    by The Embryos
  45. ray
    by The BV's