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  1. Hallowed Hymns
    by Stabbing Westward
    Burn Burn
    oh man what a KILLER surprise! I was hoping burn would make it onto a stabbing westward release as they and the cure are among my favorite bands ever, but to sweeten the deal with a ministry and echo and the bunnymen cover, this is a must have. thanks for doing this guys! I can't wait for the new album.
  2. Vanishings
    by Magic Dance
  3. Under the Kiss
    by Queenmaker
    Hold on to Love Hold on to Love
    queenmaker only has 2 songs out and they're off to a very impressive start, I definitely get strong vixen vibes off of queenmaker and that's a great comparison to make. if you like female fronted 80s style rock then this band is for you, I can't wait to hear more music from them.
  4. More Than The Moon
    by Station
  5. Stained Glass
    by Station
  6. Vibration I
    by Shiraz Lane
    Do you Do you
    Shiraz lane are among the best of the resurgence of 80s style hard rock but these guys take that sound and do their own thing with it, the playing is incredible, the vocals are fantastic, and the songs are extremely catchy. these are songs which get stuck in your head for a long time. this ep might only be five songs but each one is killer! I can't wait for their next one. don't hesitate, buy this ep.
  7. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Run Run
    Diamonds is by far one of the best albums by the birthday massacre, it's a brilliant album. I think of this as a hybrid of Violet, hide and seek, and under your spell. this album is further proof of why they are so unique and why we the fans are so die hard for them. there's no one like this band.
    by Stabbing Westward
    Shame (do you think god is dead?) Shame (do you think god is dead?)
    The songs on Iwo Jesus are pre ungod and definitely show the beginnings of their sound. one important thing to note is that "shame (do you think God is dead?)" is not to be confused with the song "shame" from whither, blister, burn, and peel. they are 2 different songs. violent mood swings is a different version of the song from ungod. so here you are getting 3 unreleased songs and 1 earlier version of a released one, all are really good. buy this ep!
  9. Dead and Gone
    by Stabbing Westward
    Dead and Gone Dead and Gone
    stabbing westward got me into industrial back in the mid 90s and they're still to this day a massive influence on me, after 19 years of hoping and wishing for new music we finally have new music and it is EVERYTHING I hoped for aside from a full length album. the title track and cold are stabbing westward perfection, crawl was originally written for the dreaming and is a fantastic song. these guys haven't lost a step and Christopher Hall's voice sounds as powerful as it ever did, buy this ep!
  10. The Island
    by The Heard
  11. Thundermother
    by Thundermother
  12. Road Fever
    by Thundermother
    thundermother is the real deal. these ladies play electrifying rock n roll the way it should be played, I hear a strong AC/DC influence in their sound. yet another of the long list of bands from Sweden who are creating the best rock music in the world right now. don't hesitate, buy this album and support great music.
  13. Reveal
    by Rabbit Junk
    Survivor Survivor
    Rabbit Junk is one of my favorite bands for a reason, the music is extremely diverse in the styles JP incorporates. often labeled industrial or digital hardcore, I personally think rabbit junk is distinctly their own genre. reveal continues the musical evolution and diversity shown on their album Will Die! Meditations on mortality and it's everything you could want as a fan. born and bled features some great vocals from Amelia Arsenic and has a lot of the attitude that made break shins to this so good. survivor is my favorite on here as it feels both familiar to past songs and yet fresh. reveal has a lot more of the sound heard on songs like gravity hero and shadow horizon from Will Die! every one of these songs are killer. another amazing release that has me dying for more.
  14. The Medication Generation
    by Cyanotic
  15. Straight From The Heart of Nowhere
    by Kill City Kills
    Sin City Sin City
    kill city kills is a great rock band, with everything going for them which makes a real rock band kick ass. attitude, great riffs, powerful drums and vocals. a killer ep which has me really excited for more music. if you like bands like crashdiet, hardcore superstar, and Crucified Barbara, or basically that kick ass 80s style hard rock then check these guys out.
  16. In The Red
    by Crucified Barbara
    by SKOLD
    Roses Roses
    I've been a fan of Tim Skold since the 90s when I came across violent new breed from shotgun messiah, he's a brilliant musician. of all his work since then it's his solo albums i've loved the most and never is now is one of the best albums he's ever recorded, in any band. this album really brings together the best elements of his work: the dark industrial he became known for with KMFDM and his last album the undoing, the hard rock and metal from his self titled first album and second album anomie, and then that voice we all love which has lost none of his attitude and power. you might say when considering the various styles Tim has used over the course of his career that it's his best album in that it embodies everything that's great that he's done. I can't get enough of the song roses, but really this whole album is a masterpiece from a master musician and one of my greatest musical influences. If you are a fan of his music then you really won't go wrong buying this album.
  18. To Deaf And Day
    by Glaare
    Suffer Suffer
    this is a really good post punk album, easily the best I've found since Drab Majesty's the demonstration. from start to finish it sounds creative, captivating, and keeps you coming back for more. honestly I think I love it more and more with each listen. i can't wait to see what the future holds for Glaare, they are one of the most exciting new bands around.
  19. Crater Vol.1
    by Android Lust
    Precipice Precipice
    this is a life changing album, it is truly brilliant! Android Lust is an innovative artist but this album took it to another 50 levels, as a musician crater vol 1 changed the way I see songwriting, it shows a limitless potential. all of her releases are amazing but for me this one stands above them all.
  20. ∆AIMON
    by ∆AIMON