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  1. Between Wind and Water
    by The Longest Johns
  2. 映えない / Not Photogenic
    by 二口魔菜 Futakuchi Mana
  3. Shunka Ryougen
  4. A Colm Night At Sea
    by Colm R. McGuinness
  5. Desired
    by Desired
  6. Future Idols
    by ✞☯Future Otaku✞☯
  7. Untitled
    by MIT99
  8. by Esprit D'Air
  9. stella
    by MIRINN
  10. さくらのうた
    by 山本 玲子
  11. Oceans
    by Esprit D'Air
  12. Nebulae
    by Esprit D'Air
  13. Lullaby In Crushed Bits
    by Chris Roth
  14. 魔法戦線 METROPOLIS.exe - Album
    by ミカヅキBIGWAVE
  15. Waves Singing Bowl Meditation
    by Faye Mallett
  16. Wait for You
    by Aki Hiro
  17. Aozora (feat. Yuki Shizaki) [VIP Mix]
    by TANUKI
  18. 紅 (Kurenai)
    by Esprit D'Air
    I love your interpretation from Kurenai. Yoshiki-san hopefully liked it, too.
  19. Care
    by Chris Roth
  20. Leviathan
    by Esprit D'Air