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Jeff Richardson

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  2. Metal
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  1. Demo#1 2020
    by Klävitt, Klävitt... Skogen Evigt Eka
  2. Psalm 50
    by Sanctified Ethos
    It would seem that Kat Von D, the celebrated tattoo artist, occult enthusiast, and dedicated purveyor of the Arcanum, has had a change of perspective. She talks about having got a lot of things wrong; about a spiritual battle taking place; about leaving LA and moving to Indiana. The article goes on... No preaching, or advice, or discovery of the latest ism. Just recognition that everything has irrevocably changed; that the grey area has nearly vanished; the lines now clearly marked.
  3. Brugmansia in Excelsis - S/T
    by Brugmansia in Excelsis
  4. Morning mist upon the wolves yew
    by Ufam
  5. Kuoleman Silmän Kontinuumi
    by Vihameditaatio
  6. Endlyset - Tusen År EP (2020)
    by IHS
    A most unusual chant; especially near the 5:00 mark of 'Void'. This record not one of your runs of the mill Extreme recordings. Can't figure it; all the more intriguing.
  7. To Deny The New Church Order
    by Sanctified Ethos
  8. Golden Light - Sacred Colour of the Source of Light
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    These two players seem iconoclast’s within the atmospheric occult field. This is a good record, unique in kind. After reading their epitome, I am filled with thoughts on victimization. Is this subject verboten? It would seem so within common, modern parlance. J
  9. Organic Drone
    by Seffi Starshine
    Seffi is awake.
  10. Night Of Sacrifice
    by Fortress Of The Olden Days
    Night Of Sacrifice III - All In One,One In Awe Night Of Sacrifice III - All In One,One In Awe
    And here is an exception to the rule.
  11. Temple Nightside - Winds of a Lost Soul (Arcana Cover)
    Being from a far distant planet, some things there just had a better feel: a book over an e-, a phone over the cell, a letter over a text, or a real outfit over the one man show. There are exceptions, but a real drum goes a long way. Found this through No one in particular.
  12. a cold evening shimmer
    by Pale Glim
  13. Merging spheres
    by Ufam
  14. The Crooked Wheel of Eternity
    by Venymysgourvleydh
  15. Squirrel Highways
    by Marjorine
  16. Hollow Transcendence
    by Moon
  17. Elisabeth ( Ghost Cover)
  18. Verbroken
    by Wandelaars
  19. 1I
    by Nordvargr
  20. 01 ANCIENT MOON - hekas hekas este bebeloi!
    by Ancient moon