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  1. That BradFunk
    by Sinoptic Music
    Positively Negative Positively Negative
  2. II
    by Flame Griller
    I'll Say I'll Say
    Finest WY hip hop you'll hear. Proper Yorkshire MCing!
  3. Flame Griller
    by Flame Griller
    Starting Up Starting Up
    Been following these boys since the Freyed Knot days - great to have em back an cutting up Flame Grillers!
  4. Manners / Forget Yesterday
    by Tough Crowd
    A1 Manners A1 Manners
    "Thank you! Excuse me! You're welcome! Please! Can I be of assistance? Would you mind terribly? I beg your pardon! I do apologise! Many thanks! How'd you do? Very well! Much obliged!"

    Can't say fairer than that!