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  1. Offering to the Morning Fog
    by Robert Rich
  2. Endless Specs of Alchemy
    by Crowstick
    Obeisance to the Sun Obeisance to the Sun
    Depth and intrigue, as one might expect in a classic noir spy-thriller, “was I followed after all?” Let Crowstick tell the tale!
  3. Vampire
    by Ross Ashton
    Thanks again Mr. Ashton… heads-up cause it seems vampires abound!
  4. When I Die
    by Ross Ashton
    Ross Ashton is one of the few musical geniuses that is a complete “natural.” For those who “have the ears to hear”, one will find a full range of feeling, from biting satire to full-bodied heart, in his music. Highly recommended!
  5. Nosferatu
    by Crowstick
    Thanks Crowstick for having the courage to put this album out. Like it or not, the day when human beings recognize that this is a reality, will be the day we mourn for all things organic and living... and kick the living shit out of the vampire thief that has ruled this planet from time immemorial.
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  6. Deep States Of Mind
    by Brainwave Binaural Systems
  7. station GREEN
    by H E R B
  8. Music For Nature Documentaries
    by CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N
  9. Inner Peace
    by CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N
  10. Binaural Beats
    by CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N
  11. The View Through The Medicine Wheel EP
    by Crowstick
  12. Shockwave
    by Chrome
  13. Twitcher/Larksong
    by natural causes
  14. Tales From The Dungeon-The Early Years
    by Crowstick
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  15. The Enlightened Schizophrenic
    by Crowstick
  16. Until The Light Takes Us
    by Crowstick
    This is anti-establishment, plain and simple, and is punishment by such things as death of your societal retardation, to name one (benefit).
  17. 夢 藥 魔
    by Crowstick
    Tread The Path Tread The Path
    The Urban Shaman is different. Countless aeons has he existed. Now here, appearing on Earth, and definitely as NOT taught by the vicar, is Crowstick. Respect.
  18. In Lak'ech
    by Crowstick
    If you can't hear Crowstick then, in my opinionated opinion, your not jive.
  19. The Wonderful Adventures of Crowstick and Mr. Toad
    by Crowstick
    Because it's time to "go for the death go."

    The moral compass is your personal individuated truth. Anything else is compromise and castrates the Soul.

    I do hope to run across Toad at some point in my predestined future... wow, I would love to have the opportunity to take out the old – Cronos - asshole.
  20. Special Tropical
    by Tour De Manège