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  1. Sea of Worry
  2. Deathconsciousness
    by Have a Nice Life
    There is nothing else like this. Thank you Dan and Tim.
  3. Orange Twin Field Works Vol. 1
    by Jeff Mangum
  4. The Frights
    by The Frights
    Freaking Me Out Freaking Me Out
    good album! really rockin
  5. Careful Kid
    by Yabadum
    Cosmos Cosmos
    this album is unreal, always jammin, always lively af! Yabadum you knocked it outta the park with this one!
  6. Sprawwl
    by Sprawwl
    These Things Happen These Things Happen
    top notch slowcore
  7. Theatre Is Evil
    by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
    Want It Back Want It Back
    a diverse and unapologetic album! We love you Amanda!
  8. The Lonesome Crowded West
    by Modest Mouse
    Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
    one of the best album's I've ever heard
  9. Of Course You Do
    by Slothrust
    Homewreck Wifey Homewreck Wifey
  10. Everyone Else
    Rotten Pumpkin Rotten Pumpkin
  11. "Ruth"
    by Nana Grizol
    From Here From Here
    One of the greatest albums from Nana Grizol, and on of the greatest albums of all time! What a record, Nana Grizol at their best! And the guitar solo on From Here is the greatest solo I've ever heard.
  12. Old Traditions, New Standards
    by Tullycraft
    Sweet Sweet
    a really great album, one of my favorites
  13. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    by Neutral Milk Hotel
    Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2
    Everyone already knows that this album is one of the best...but saying it one more time can't hurt! this album is definitely one of the best albums ever!
  14. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
    I Want Wind To Blow I Want Wind To Blow
    What a crazy album! it's such a wild ride every time I listen to it! I can't stop. Lofi 10/10 fucking stellar
  15. Mutual
    by Mutual
    styrofoam styrofoam
    This is a Lofi gem! wow. Love it!
  16. Big Sky
    by Space Mountain
    Faded Blue Faded Blue
    This is a beautiful album. it's like folk, altermative, and diy/Lofi had a baby and it's amazing. normally I don't like instrumentals, but the instrumentals on this album are excellent!
  17. Love It Love It
    by Nana Grizol
    Tiny Rainbows Tiny Rainbows
    One of the best albums of all time
  18. Ursa Minor
    by Nana Grizol
    Mississippi Swells Mississippi Swells
    Another great album by the best band
  19. Are You Sleepy
    by The Gerbils
    Lead Lead
    Great music, one of my favorite albums!
  20. You Had Me At Goodbye
    by Friends in Love
    Scranton Loves You, Holly Scranton Loves You, Holly
    Great stuff
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