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  1. Acrobat Unstable Record
    by Lemon Demon
  2. OST
    by Zer0 Rei
  3. Damn Skippy
    by Lemon Demon
  4. I Am Become Christmas
    by Lemon Demon
  5. How to drive a bus
    by I've Made Too Much Pasta
  6. Nature Tapes
    by Lemon Demon
  7. Retinal Bloom
    by the scary jokes
  8. Heady Exxxplosions: 2009-2012
    by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  9. Tribute Summon
    by Trust Fund Ozu
  10. Carpe Tedium
    by Worm Quartet
  11. Petscop Soundtrack
    by Rainer
  12. Self Medicate (Remixes)
    by CJ's Mirra Maze, Panchiko, TUSKS
  13. Oily Bastard
    by Oily Bastard
  14. Chessed to meat you
    by Chess Head
  15. Ithaca
    by Michael Guy Bowman
  16. Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido
    by Michael Guy Bowman
    Chain Of Prospit Chain Of Prospit
    apologies to the bowman for taking 8 years of being a homestuck fan to finally listen to this album
  17. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A & B
    by Homestuck
  18. lol. (feat. Jedwill & wishlane) [prod. wishlane & draf]
    by Left At London
  19. Dysfunctional Bunnygirl
    by Cecily Renns
  20. Ferric Oxide - Demos 1997-2001
    by Panchiko