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  1. DTT:005 The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
    by Akhenaten
    Neferkapta´s Tomb Neferkapta´s Tomb
    The concept is very cool and the overall sound profile is very effective. That said, I feel all these songs would have been way better had they been cut by half. They are way too over-prolonged. These songs have too few stand-out melodies too be this long. When I finished Neferkapta's Tomb, I had very high expectations; but in the end I really struggled to listen through the whole album. I'm looking forward to see what these guys come up with next time, though! I'm curious!
  2. Empyrean
    by Paranorm
  3. Mortal Departure
    by Untrodden
  4. Glory By The Sword
    by CelestiC
    Frozen Blast Frozen Blast
    Very melodic, bombastic, entertaining and creative, with very high-quality musicianship and a blizzard of talent. Plus, it is reminiscent of an OST for an 8-bit epic adventure game. Yes, finally a melo-death record that actually made it to the summit of my collection! Bravo, guys!! Keep up the good work!! 🤘
  5. Set Forever On Me
    by HATEFUL
  6. Mara
    by Cult of Lilith
  7. Þar sem skepnur reika
    by Hræ
  8. Black Arts & Alchemy EP
    by Hellripper
    by GOROD
  10. Torment Of The Weak
    by Scordatura
  11. Goblin (EP)
    by Beast Impalor
  12. Neutron Breed
    by Quantum Hierarchy
  13. Fallen Shrines
    by Alan Simpson
  14. Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjǫll né firðir
    by Árstíðir lífsins
  15. The Phobos/Deimos Suite
    by Serocs
  16. The Way of the Voice
    by Ophidius
  17. Nycthemeron
    by Malconstruct
  18. Depravity
    by Féleth
  19. False Peace
    by Aseitas
  20. Monastery
    by Griffar