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I am a metalhead! I am addicted to metal! My favourite genres for now are black metal, death metal and thrash metal. What I like about thrash is how abundant and complex guitar riffs tend to be; what I like about black metal is it's overall darkness, its wide variety of explorations and its guitar aesthetics; and what I like about death metal is its brutality and its luxurious sound!
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    by BROJOB
  2. Šliacham Zabytych
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    Pakiń… (Desine sperare qui hic intras) Pakiń… (Desine sperare qui hic intras)
    This a black metal album whose compositions rely very heavily on the use of harmonies, and I love that. Black metal is very good when it explores and savors the richness of harmonies. The only gripe I have is that guitars here are pretty much in the background. They should have been more prominent in the mix. But, other than that, this is definitely a good record, and it is surprisingly entertaining.
  3. Ex Nihilio
    by Rebirth of Nefast
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    Drink of the Black Chalice Drink of the Black Chalice
    These two tracks have a somewhat special aura. They truly feel like something that came from some unknown depths out to the surface. The audio quality certainly could be a lot better, but, overall, these songs have something unique to them, and I'm glad I purchased them!
  4. Ulvesang
    by Ulvesang
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    Taakeferd Taakeferd
    This is my first Dark Folk record, and I must say that, although it was a bit too soft and slow for my heavy metal tastes, I found it very soothing and very good as a break from all the brutality of the rest of my music. I recommend this to anyone with a taste for soft and soothing music. This is a very nice record in this regard.
  5. Old Giant
    by The Ulex
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    Mezzanine Mezzanine
    This was a very pleasant surprise for me! This is the first electronic metal album I've bought, and I must say I was shocked at the sheer amount of quality in this record. My only gripe is the song titled "Fingernail Eclipse": this album didn't need the vocals, in my opinion. Those vocals did not do it any good.
  6. Pledge Nothing But Flesh
    by Scáth Na Déithe
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    Bloodless Bloodless
    This album sets a very dark and heavy atmosphere around you. The music sounds just like the cover looks: desolate, macabre and brown. Some songs might feel a bit dragged from time to time, but if you're willing to let yourself be driven by it, you'll find it interesting. This album is odd, but I think it's well-made!
  7. Aloades
    by Promethean
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    Niobides Niobides
    This is some very good music! I like this band's mix of symphonic elements and death metal. Their aesthetics are spot-on. The only gripe I have regarding this album is its production. I would have loved it if the guitars where a little bit more prominent in the mix. They sound a little too "in the background", especially whenever the huge, powerful keyboards come in. Nevertheless, the truth is, I'm awaiting these guys' first full album!!
  8. Black And Blood
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    Rape Casket Rape Casket
    A very good balance between technical death metal and thick, regular death metal. This album is consistent, yet pretty varied and entertaining, and I love the guitar tone they have here!! A very pleasant surprise! I totally recommend it!
  9. The Synarchy of Molten Bones
    by Deathspell Omega
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    The Synarchy of Molten Bones The Synarchy of Molten Bones
    A very good record!! It reminds me a lot of Emperor's "Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise". It's about the same level of madness, minus the progressive feeling! Very brutal, concise and effective! Loved it!
  10. Skáphe²
    by Skáphe
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    I I
    This album is truly asphyxiating!! Would have been more effective if the sound was a bit brighter, though... Overall it's a very nightmarish record, but the dullness of the production takes away a big chunk of the brutality, in my opinion.
  11. The Mantle
    by The Mantle
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    A Sense of Scale A Sense of Scale
    This album was a very, very pleasant surprise for me. It is for albums like this that one digs into the underground scene! It's like finding a diamond after digging through meters and meters of dirt! This album is very easy to listen to and enjoy, it's brimming with virtuosity, the music is so varied, so entertaining and so well-executed! Truly a gem!