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  1. Primeval Forest Hymns
    by Nubiferous
  2. Termina EP
    by Yak
  3. Ways Of Seeing
    by Konx-om-Pax
  4. Stranger
    by Joanne Pollock
    by LORN
  6. Bodied
    by Ital Tek
  7. Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski Music By Ukrainian Sound Artists
    by Various Artists
  8. Black Boy Meets World
    by Danny Watts
  9. The Kid
    by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  10. Ginkgo EP
    by Ruby My Dear
  11. VOL.001
    by Sekai
  12. Basic
    by Ruby My Dear
  13. Clips
    by Salva
  14. Little Grids
  15. Threshold Of Faith EP
    by Ben Frost
  16. The Great Distraction
    by Vessels
  17. Odyssey
    by HOME
  18. Feather Bed [EP]
    by Jakub Zytecki
  19. Hyper Real
    by Ital Tek
    by Carpenter Brut
  21. Control
    by Ital Tek
  22. Styx: Shards of Darkness Soundtrack
    by H-Pi
  23. The Speed of Darkness
    by Ital Tek
    Time Out Time Out
  24. System
    by Datach’i
  25. Gravity
    by Ben Lukas Boysen
  26. Dysnomia
    by Dawn of Midi
  27. Call & Response EP
    by Peter Van Hoesen
  28. Conversions
    by Hecq
  29. A U R O R A
    by Ben Frost
  30. Empire In Decline / Third Piece
    by Peter Van Hoesen
  31. Perceiver
    by Peter Van Hoesen
  32. ... and darkness came
    by Various