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  2. Rock
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  1. Blood Bagel
    by Red Vox
    Between The Cheeks Between The Cheeks
    Red Vox is once again venturing into unexplored musical territories. Vomit in the Ball Pit is a catchy hard rock anthem with a pop sensibility that could easily play in a hockey arena between two periods (pun intended). On Roid Rage, the band greets us with a gruffer, faster sound reminiscent of the no-frills stoner rock bands of old. The EP concludes with Between the Cheeks, a power ballad about anal intercourse in space. Brilliant.
  2. What Could Go Wrong
    by Red Vox
    The Wrong Side of History The Wrong Side of History
    Red Vox's debut album is quite the eclectic mix. The production is top notch and the vocals are great, but what surprised me the most is how well thought-out and relatable the lyrics are. This album oozes infectious passion and feeling. It's hard to choose a favorite track here. I can't wait to hear more from these guys! Long live Red Vox
  3. Maniac Meat
    by TOBACCO
    Stretch Your Face Stretch Your Face
  4. He Dreams of Lions
    by The Heavy Eyes
    Saint Saint
  5. Feral
    by Snail
    Building A Haunted House Building A Haunted House
  6. Cigale
    by Cigale
    Grey Owl Grey Owl
  7. Maera
    by The Heavy Eyes
    Levantado Levantado
  8. The Sizlacks Demos
    by The Sizlacks
    State Of Mind (Live) State Of Mind (Live)
  9. Fright Sprites
    by Iguanodon
    Skeleton Breakfast Skeleton Breakfast