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  1. In Immobile Air
    by Abul Mogard
  2. How to Disappear Inside a Thirty Piece Orchestra
    by Adam Wiltzie
  3. Spinning Through Us
    by Hammock
  4. Weaving a Basket
    by sea oleena
  5. Dehiscence (2020)
    by Wendy Eisenberg
  6. Retort remaster 2019
    by Unit Wail
  7. Untitled 2
    by Eluder
  8. The Quality of Light
    by Eluder
    Lover Lover
    Eluder is back, after five years! I'm still listening to his earlier albums frequently; they're excellent for falling asleep to, especially "Drift" (and I mean that as high praise!) This one's a fine addition to the canon.
  9. Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives
    by Shut It Down Comp
  10. Undercurrent 10 (Halloween Is of the Devil)
    by Hammock
  11. Undercurrent 12 (Beginning::End)
    by Hammock
  12. Undercurrent 11 (Annihilation of Difference)
    by Hammock
  13. TOWERS
    by TOWERS
  14. STEPS
    by Svetlana Maraš
  15. A Distant Hand Lifted
  16. Adrift
    by loscil
  17. Baychimo
    by loscil
  18. Isolation Loops (soundpack)
    by Hainbach
  19. Odds Against Tomorrow
    by Bill Orcutt
  20. Heavy
    by Ekin Fil