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Snack Canary

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  1. Neon White OST 2 - The Burn That Cures
    by Machine Girl
  2. Neon White OST 1 - The Wicked Heart
    by Machine Girl
  3. Prescription for Sleep: Undertale
  4. Ballads of Hyrule
    by Rozen
  5. Dr.Neon
    by Kohta "solidstate" Takahashi
  6. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  7. RIDGE RACER V - Euphoria (In​-​Progress Production)
    by Kohta Takahashi
  8. WubMe
    by Kohta "solidstate" Takahashi
  9. 2-22-22
    by 2 Mello
  10. Evil Tonight (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Peter Jones
  11. Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight
  12. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon OST
    by Jake Kaufman
  13. 1988-20XX
    by June LaLonde
  14. new low
    by nightlife
  15. Swatchbucklers (Original Game Soundtrack) [Maiden Voyage Edition]
    by zw buckley
  16. Moonglow Bay (Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  17. Yuppie Psycho Original Soundtrack
    by Garoad
  18. No Straight Roads: Encore Edition Soundtrack
    by James Landino, Funk Fiction, Michael Staple, RoboRob, Ian Tsuchiura, Garrett Williamson
  19. Spark: The Electric Jester (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by James Landino, Funk Fiction, Paul Bethers, Michael Staple, Andy Tunstall, Falk Au Yeong
  20. Spark The Electric Jester 2: Original Soundtrack
    by Falk Au Yeong, Paul Bethers, James Landino, Funk Fiction, Michael Staple, Andy Tunstall