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  1. Ustr
    by Richard Skelton
    subscriber exclusive
  2. "Nagual"
    by Nagual
  3. First Meeting
    by Dominique Lawalrée
  4. ...Bénédiction, Draw
    by Akira Rabelais
  5. 図書館
    by Akira Rabelais
  6. Translucent Carriages
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  7. Marquee Moon
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  8. Eisoptrophobia
    by Akira Rabelais
  9. A Guidonian Hand
    by Richard Skelton
  10. Dream the Dreams So Far Denied: Devotional Music from the Gujarat
    by Hive Mind Records
  11. Departing Like Rivers
    by Shackleton
  12. Fourth Density
    by Daniel O'Sullivan
  13. Mind Maintenance
    by Mind Maintenance
  14. Restore
    by Lyra Pramuk and Rani Jambak
  15. Sunset Dreams EP
    by Jane Weaver
  16. Sutr
    by Richard Skelton
  17. Knot of Spirit
    by Caterina Barbieri and Lyra Pramuk
  18. CXXI
    by Richard Youngs
  19. Dalmarnock tapes
    by Cucina Povera
  20. Stur
    by Richard Skelton