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  1. Honk If Parts Fall Off
    by Van Groover
  2. Streetfood
    by Van Groover
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Oro - Opus Primum
  4. Doors to the Dead
    by Formation Ritual
  5. Amish Hex
    by Almost Honest
  6. Seum / Fátima split 7'
    by Seum / Fátima
    Raining Bricks Raining Bricks
    by Seum
  8. I Won't Sign Pt.1
    by Samsara Joyride
  9. Blood Lightning
    by Purple Kong
  10. Inter Terra Solis
    by Sun Below
  11. Revelations: Variations
    by Bill Hicks
    God Made a Mistake God Made a Mistake
  12. Bats! E.P (Feat. Jake Starr)
    by Chuck Norris Experiment
    BATS! (Feat. Jake Starr) BATS! (Feat. Jake Starr)
  13. Arch / Future Primate
    by Motorik Road Trip
  14. Roadkill
    by OMEGA SUN

    First Twat to mention Kyuss gets a kick in the nuts... Ah Fuck, it's me!
  15. Pilgrimage
    by Olde
  16. Meltdown
    by One Eyed Moon
  17. Existential Bathroom Graffiti
    by Leopard Print Taser
    Lead The Charge Lead The Charge
  18. Run Thick In The Night
    by U.S. Christmas
  19. Grunge is Dad
    by Thunder Volt
  20. This Is
    by The Beginning