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  1. Divine Council
    by Psycroptic
  2. Chaotic Lethal
    by Demiricous
  3. Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
    by Arkaik
  4. Lupus Metallorum
    by Old Iron
  5. Out of the Garden
    by Crypt Sermon
  6. Myopia
    by Mizmor & Thou
  7. Bewitcher
    by Bewitcher
  8. Starspawn
    by Blood Incantation
  9. Slaves Beyond Death
    by Black Breath
  10. Love Exchange Failure
    by White Ward
  11. Keep This Be the Way
    by Helms Alee
  12. The Long Road North
    by Cult of Luna
  13. Give In To Despair
    by Ritual Dictates
  14. Relentless Mutation
    by Archspire
  15. Escaping Eternity
    by The Devils of Loudun
  16. Dwellings
    by Cormorant
  17. Call Of The Hawk
    by Greyhawk
  18. Strange Peace
    by METZ
  19. Pike vs The Automaton
    by Pike vs The Automaton
  20. All That Was Promised
    by Hath