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  1. Couscous Bizarre
    by Orchid Spangiafora + Glands of External Secretion
  2. Cesspool of the Angels
    by S*Glass
  3. Magnet Hill (2019 7", I Dischi Del Barone)
    by People Skills
  4. Gunshots at Crestridge (2016 lp, Blackest Ever Black)
    by People Skills
  5. The Sheerness Pool (2017 ep)
    by People Skills
  6. Tricephalic Head (2014 lp, Siltbreeze)
    by People Skills
  7. Mount Moriah Tocsin (2019 c47, Alien Passengers)
    by People Skills
  8. Former January Ending Through 52 Weeks (2020 reissue lp, Sophomore Lounge)
    by People Skills
  9. Repeat Performance 377 (2021 c47, Cost Of Living)
    by People Skills
  10. Hum of the Non-Engine (2023 lp, Digital Regress)
    by People Skills
  11. Telephone Booth (2019 c47, All Gone)
    by People Skills
  12. As Thru Days of Endless (2021 cd, Kashual Plastik)
    by People Skills
  13. Pogradec Embankment (2015 ep)
    by People Skills
  14. Electric Sewer Age- Moon's milk in Final Phase
    by Electric Sewer Age
    by Andrew Liles
  16. Grid is Good
    by the little hand of the faithful
  17. Dream Less Suite
    by Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio
  18. As If Punk Rock Never Happened
    by Andrew Liles
  19. The Complete Barbara Islands 2006 - 2018
    by Tom Ellard
  20. Really Early, Really Late
    by The Declining Winter