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  1. over the carnage rose a voice prophetic
    by scallops hotel
    a priori priority ft mars bremen a priori priority ft mars bremen
  2. who told you to think??!!?!?!?!
    by milo
    magician (suture) magician (suture)
  3. Time & Materials
    by Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti)
    Wonder Girl Wonder Girl
    My God. An ingenious collab from the prolific Serengeti & proficient Mike Eagle, the art rap kings' righteous proclamation; listen!
  4. A Ghost By My Side
    by The Hopeful Lonely
    November November
    Peculiarly acquired, sonically delighting, I'm glad to have stumbled onto this hidden gem.
  5. Glittering Lights
    by The Hopeful Lonely
    Sugar-Coated Sugar-Coated
    Sweet, glittering, bright & pleasing to the ear.
  6. softness EP
    by Julie Arsenault
    Chain Chain
    Am I a bad person, and is that alright? Her tender & punchy voice, the soft-then-torrential instrumentation, the beautiful lyrics.
  7. Perfect Hair
    by Busdriver
    king cookie faced (for her) (Prod. by Driver) king cookie faced (for her) (Prod. by Driver)
    Busdriver's dip into weird waters from Computer Cooties has reemerged with delectably catchy beats & witty lyricism blasting out the subs from his submarine.
  8. Butcher
    by Rhea Butcher
    Haircuts and Flight Attendants Haircuts and Flight Attendants
    An upcoming comic with an incisive, insightful voice & wonderful stories to tell TAKE MY WIFE NOW ON SEESO!
  9. Summon Satan
    by Advance Base
    Vice pointed me to this band's indie chic & it's so sweet, like brown sugar on an interesting desert like baklava.
  10. Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix)
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Tears. Tears, tears, tears. Electronic catharsis.
  11. Chicago (Demo)
    by Sufjan Stevens
    An old classic retold from its origin story.
  12. Exploding Whale
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Fourth of July (PPD Remix) Fourth of July (PPD Remix)
    Sufjan broke me with his meditation on family, childhood & death; this remix is twistingly soundscapey, heartrendingly simple.
  13. Flying Scroll Flight Control
    by Half-handed Cloud
    Pneumatic Mystery Envelopes Pneumatic Mystery Envelopes
    The Bible deserves weirdos reinterpreting it & putting in new context & disobeying song structure & warping tapes to perfection.
  14. Good For Her
    by Emily Heller
    An Impression to Start An Impression to Start
    Amazing from first impression to finish. I only wish there were more of Emily's work to devour. :3
  15. SALES LP
    by SALES
    ivy ivy
    The big release. Heartbreak, lonely parties, unexpected saccharine, sweeping romance, it's all there, told with such stripped-down instrumentation & yet such bravado and intrigue.
  16. Never Always
    by little Barefoot
    Poor Excuse For A Lover Poor Excuse For A Lover
    Self-loathing, kind, rich and relatable. Lyrics & music mixed so well, to my absolute delight.
  17. too much of life is mood
    by scallops hotel
    too much of life is mood too much of life is mood
    I must have listening to this album start-to-finish in the triple digits by now. scallops hotel is such an odd offshoot; rendered in lofi, glitch beats dominate & it's not so much about rap anymore as it is about sensational experience. I feel something new, each listen.
  18. Live in Color
    by Kings Kaleidoscope
    Seek Your Kingdom Seek Your Kingdom
    Kings Kaleidoscope is the gold standard by which all other bands must measure themselves.
  19. Hella Personal Film Festival
    by Open Mike Eagle & Paul White
    Smiling (Quirky Race Doc) Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)
    Open Mike flows flawless off his scribbled script & Paul White's looped devilishly handsome beats and guitar licks.
  20. Trust Fund (single)
    by Titanic Sinclair
    Guppy Guppy
    So sweet, so sad, so vengeful, so vulnerable.
  21. Family
    by Noah Gundersen
    Family Family
    It's hard to pick a favorite. Lyrically tearful, musically moving & utterly and simply magnificent.
  22. Time Moves Quickly
    by Abby Gundersen
    We Will Make It There We Will Make It There
    Beautiful. Quiet, subtle, sweet, but big, significant, powerful.
  23. Wood House
    by Hot Feet
    Under October Under October
    I wish more people knew about amazing bands like this.
  24. Real Love Baby
    Fuckin' John Misty does it again~!
  25. Windowpane b/w Weeping Willow
    by Mild High Club
    Windowpane Windowpane
    Stoner rock with 60s sensibilities. What's not to like?
  26. To Rely
    by Oh Village
    Give Thy Fears Give Thy Fears
    Prog rock moving, slipping, tripping through the woods on an unexpected journey. Listen on a hike.
  27. The Creature That I Call Myself
    by Julie Arsenault
    Good Mourning Good Mourning
    Tremendously artsy & sensational, Julie's voice lilts & punches melodies with much eloquence & grace.
  28. Emotional/Automaton
    by The Emotional Automaton
    Automaton Automaton
    A beginner's indie-fonic lo-fi masterpiece.
  29. The Spirit Animals
    by The Spirit Animals
    Military Kids Military Kids
    Hometown heroes. If you live in Kennewick, these guys have opened every show you've ever seen & done so stupendously.
  30. Powerline
    by greyhat
    Buy this music.
  31. king cookie faced(for Hellfyre) (greyhat remix) (feat. milo and Open Mike Eagle)
    by Busdriver
    We are all better when we are all high. Together.
  32. Thumbs
    by Busdriver
    Worlds to Run feat. milo and Anderson .Paak (prod by Kenny Segal) Worlds to Run feat. milo and Anderson .Paak (prod by Kenny Segal)
    Oh god. Has something better than Budriver's political, biting opinions drawn out through his nasally grumble over unbelievable tracks ever been imagined before? Hellfyre club forever!
  33. big sis
    by SALES
    Patiently awaiting another big release, this sates my heart until its slated arrival.
  34. SALES EP
    by SALES
    vow vow
    Sexy as hell, aesthetically pleasing, sonically kind.
  35. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
    Roll the Bones Roll the Bones
    Folk music done well. Take that Mumford & others.
  36. Bones
    by Son Lux
    Change Is Everything Change Is Everything
    S/S/S, Sisyphus & a music video with Tatiana Maslany; this album stands wonderful alone, from a man with storied collaborations.
  37. A Special Episode Of - EP
    by Open Mike Eagle
    Dark Comedy Late Show (prod. Exile) Dark Comedy Late Show (prod. Exile)
    Sardonic, pop-culture-driven, emotional-art-rap, Mike draws a hard line on timely issues & examines the inside of his head with effortless pithy line after pouty line.
  38. Eloquence / Gloria Grey
    by The Echolarks
    Gloria Grey Gloria Grey
    Love the songs, love the band. Do it.
  39. I wish my brother Rob was here
    by milo
    Bill Murray's Prayer Bill Murray's Prayer
    Melancholy philosophy nerdcore rap; a man after my own heart.
  40. Departure
    by greyhat
    Let the electronica puncture your ego construct and make love to your soul hole.
  41. Wolves Dressed as Humans
    by Jordan O'Shea
    Mister O'Shea's truly outdone himself.
  42. Hot Flash Heat Wave EP
    by Hot Flash Heat Wave
    Slam Dance Slam Dance
    Tastes like California.
  43. BLÜM EP
    by BLÜM
    Grow Apart or Grow Together Grow Apart or Grow Together
    If I could make the kind of music this kid younger than me made even ten years from now, I'd feel like a champion.
  44. true that
    by Michael Cera
    Those Days Those Days
    Michael Cera is my superior in every way imaginable. Go look at his review of this album. It's like this one but better.
  45. Runner2 EP
    by Disasterpeace
    Deleterious Abscondee Deleterious Abscondee
    Truly electronic joy manifested.