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Neon City Murder

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  1. Miami Synthwave Radio
    by At Sea Compilations
    Sanctuary Runner Sanctuary Runner
  2. UFOs over Berlin E.P. 12" Limited Silver Vinyl Edition
    by Hyboid
    Rendezvous with an Invader Rendezvous with an Invader
    Hyboid, what a concept. The master of feel good melodies. The first time my ears caught wind of his fantastic music I was hooked and has been ever since.

    With his lush pads, stabbing basslines and melodies that were sent down from the cosmic entities governing our universe.

    I have no other way of explaining the greatness that is Hyboid. There must be a devine force at play.

    in all seriousness , well-fucking-done!

    Can't wait for more!
  3. Escape the Matter
    by Elevn
    Great '80s inspired electronica.
  4. In The Night
    by Umberto
    In The Night In The Night
  5. Hets Mot Allt
    by The Third Eye Rapists
    Black Sphere Messiah Black Sphere Messiah