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  1. Snowman
    by Bears
    I found a couple copies of this on vinyl at a local record shop (Omega Music). I saw it was on Bandcamp so I came home and listened to it. I liked "I'm a Snowman" enough that I bought the download and will probably go back for the vinyl.
  2. Nowhere for Christmas
    by Make Like Monkeys
    This just might be my favorite Make Like Monkeys song.
  3. King Kong for Christmas
    by Make Like Monkeys
  4. Hand Claps for Christmas!
    by Make Like Monkeys
  5. Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!
    by Art Brut
  6. Xmas Hit-n-Run
    by Make Like Monkeys
    Great if somewhat bitter song. If you like dysfunctional Christmas breakup songs, you'll love this!
  7. Giftcard
    by Kay Proudlove
    Awesome song! Christmas Underground mentioned it so I checked it out and loved it. Anymore, I generally just add new music to my Prime Music but if I really love something, I'll buy it. This is one I didn't hesitate to purchase.
  8. Say it isn't Snow
    by Make Like Monkeys
    Another great song by MLM!
  9. First Snow Of Winter b/w God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    by Green Seagull
    First Snow Of Winter First Snow Of Winter
    Fantastic throwback psychedelic sound! This is far and away my favorite of the Snowflake Christmas Singles releases.
  10. 5 Christmas'
    by Make Like Monkeys
    This Christmas (I Will Wot Miss the World) This Christmas (I Will Wot Miss the World)
    This is a wonderful albums and was a great surprise, following so quickly on the heels of "A Barrel of Christmas." Production-wise, this is probably MLM's best album yet, although you really should just get their entire catalog.
  11. Lonely Man of Winter
    by Sufjan Stevens
  12. Joyeux Noel!
    by Make Like Monkeys
    It's Christmas (alternate version) It's Christmas (alternate version)
    I've been listening to Make Like Monkeys for several years and they never disappoint. They have some of the most enjoyable, clever and entertaining Christmas music around. Do yourself a favor and buy all four albums!
  13. Happy New Year Next Year
    by Violent Femmes
  14. Holiday Songs
    by Curt Smith
  15. Bonne Année
    by Jean-Pierre Masseria
  16. Merry, Merry Christmas
    by Fascinations Grand Chorus
  17. Past The Time Of Firelight (Christmas 2017)
    by Three For Silver
    Three For Silver's Christmas songs have become one of my favorite Christmas traditions!
  18. Our Rest Has Come (Christmas 2016)
    by Three For Silver
  19. Three Stones For St. Stephen (Christmas 2015)
    by Three For Silver
    Three Stones For St. Stephen Three Stones For St. Stephen
  20. The Night We Breathe
    by Easy Lover
  21. Easy Lover EP
    by Easy Lover