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  1. Avellaneda, Argentina
  2. Ambient
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  1. The Edge of Space
    by Laughing Dark
  2. An Atlas of Imaginary Beings Vol.1 - The British Isles
    by Imaginary Beings
  3. An Atlas of Imaginary Beings Vol.2 - Argentina
    by Imaginary Beings
  4. The Conjurer of Winds / Daedalus
    by Steven Ray
  5. <1st Symphony (The Unfinishable) - a collaboration open for submissions
    by Une Personne's Gorgiaschestra
  6. Py-a-saw
    by Fugue in Sea
  7. Drones for Weekdays
    by ausgesuchtestenohren
  8. пикник
    by Divergent Artists
  9. Horror Films 2021
    by Various Artists
  10. What Do You Hear As You Die? A Nocturne
    by Eugene Debs Malignant Excavation
  11. Somniphobia [Remixed]
    by Jettenbach
  12. And Then He Disappeared
    by ausgesuchtestenohren
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Week 6
    by The Diary Of Mars
  14. We All Think You Should Leave
    by The Creeping Man
    The Day Passed With Unfeigned Tedium The Day Passed With Unfeigned Tedium
    An amazing EP. The blend of droning sounds, noises and field recordings is wonderful and immersive. A great listening experience. No song left me indifferent to it (in the nicest of ways.)
  15. Forgotten Spaces
    by Fugue in Sea
  16. Week 5
    by The Diary Of Mars
  17. Roche Limit [IND094]
    by Dragon and Jettenbach
    ○)) ●)) ○)) ●))
    I love the moderately abrasive tone of this album, particularly on the third track.
  18. Delian
    by Divergent Artists
  19. Life In The Bicameral Mind: Coillated
    by Eugene Triffidcult Magick Endsemble
  20. Jettenbach
    by Jettenbach
    Mirtazapine & You Mirtazapine & You
    Love 'Mirtazapine & you'.