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Jeff Holt

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  1. G.R.
    by Deathpile
  2. Far Beyond, Before The Time (CSR24CD)
    by Kerovnian
  3. From The Depths Of Haron (CSR35CD)
    by Kerovnian
  4. Laser Lobotomy
    by Blotted Science
  5. Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined
    by Ron Jarzombek
  6. The Ink Panther
    by Ron Jarzombek
  7. Psychosis
    by Aseptic Void
  8. Entombment
    by Entombment
    This EP surprised me. It stands out from some well known 2000s thrash acts for its originality. Any band might claim that, but this EP delivers, especially in its blend of violent riffs and raspy/harsh vocals that remind me of death metal, but only remind. The soloing by vocalist/guitarist Daniel Contreras is clean and top notch. Love this.
  9. Split 7" w/ Gatecreeper
    by Young and in the Way
  10. VA - 20 Years Of Complete Stupidity
    by Fish Move Productions
  11. Shit Forever 4 way c90
    by Fish Move Productions
  12. Ulcerrhoea - Discography 2000-2003
    by Fish Move Productions
  13. VA - Elastic Mayor McCheese Vomit Synthesis
    by Fish Move Productions
  14. The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed
    by Gaylord
  15. White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
  17. The Devils Congeries - Volume 1
  18. VA - A fucking tribute to HELLHAMMER
    by F.K.R.#40 - HELLHAMMER
  19. Demo 1991
    by Gammacide
  20. Against The Grain B/W Vapor Lock (2005 Single)
    by Gammacide