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  1. extortion
    by Micodin and Dynamo-P
    We Need To Go Deep We Need To Go Deep
    Fucking love this album. Bought it twice!
  2. Social Distancing
    by Knomercy Productions
  3. The Album For Sofie
    by ShaneReis
    Ghost Ghost
  4. Tantrum
    by Nigel
  5. VEIB
    by Shane Reis & God.Damn.Chan
  7. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  8. The Art Of Listening
    by Mike Be
  9. Purgatory II
    Sleepless Sleepless
    this sounds like a never ending hallway full of walls to punch
  10. Sincerely
    by JUICE
  11. Listen2thaWerds
    by JUICE
  12. The Pleasant Trees (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)
    by Tom Rosenthal
  13. HowToFakeYourOwnDeath
    by ECID
    We're Not Giving Up On You We're Not Giving Up On You
    Reinventing yourself every album will bring you to strange emotional places. This being the strangest, I love it.
  14. c v p ii d
    by Nigel
    Contractions Contractions
    Love the concept of this as well as the side tracks on soundcloud. Always bringing that freshness to the table. Amazing ear for producers too!
  15. Rap Album Two
    by Jonwayne
    Paper (feat. Shango) Paper (feat. Shango)
    The singles have been exquisite. You have never disappointed me with your music. As always, I'm excited for more.
  16. Aokigahara
    by Harakiri For The Sky
    Nailgarden Nailgarden
    The music and lyrics have so many feelings attached. I feel like I'm drowning in emotion and that is an art in itself. Excellent album that goes on forever.
  17. EP 1
    by Roy Tweedie
  18. Crossing the Rubicon
    by Ashir the Professor
    Watson & Crick Watson & Crick
    I have hard time figuring what I like more, the beats or the writing. You both brought it so hard on here, guys. props and congrats!
  19. EP 1
    by Roy Tweedie
    I Can't Wait I Can't Wait
    nice music for a good cause.
  20. Breaking Up With Death (Single)
    by ECID