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  1. American Nightmares
    by Absolute Valentine
    Chainsaw Revenge Chainsaw Revenge
  2. Sunset Love
    by Absolute Valentine
    She's a Dancer She's a Dancer
  3. Police Heartbreaker
    by Absolute Valentine
    Synthwave Rider Synthwave Rider
    Arguably Absolute Valentine's finest work yet and it shows with the time and care taken to deliver. I especially admire the balance between the more energetic compositions and the mellow ones. A truly wholesome experience, all in all.
  4. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
    Dreamcast Dreamcast
  5. Blank Banshee 1
    by Blank Banshee
    Paradise Disc /芸能山城組 Paradise Disc /芸能山城組
  6. MEGA
    by Blank Banshee
    Cerulean Cerulean
  7. RE:Discover
    by Brojito
    Time Time
    by Brojito
    Tonight Tonight
  9. IRL EP
    by Crescent
    Burner Burner
  10. Forestry
    by Cuddlebot
    Drift & Sand Drift & Sand
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Weeks
    by Cuddlebot
    With the Best Friends With the Best Friends
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Supercash
    by Electric Sea Spider
    Armani Slums Armani Slums
  13. Ten Hunters
    by Electric Sea Spider
    Magic Jaw Magic Jaw
  14. Traces
    by Gibbon Beats
  15. Radio Macabre
    by Gost
    Night Crawler Night Crawler
  16. The Night Prowler
    by Gost
    Erotic Nights of the Living Dead Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
  17. Skull
    by Gost
    They They
  18. Driller Killer - From out of Nowhere (Gost - cover)
    by Gost
  19. Christine - Death on Wheels Part II (Gost remix)
    by Gost
  20. S/T
    by Gost
    Within Within
  21. Behemoth
    by GosT
    Master Master
  22. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
    Aggrandizement (feat. Bitchcraft) Aggrandizement (feat. Bitchcraft)
  23. Timesplitters Future Perfect
    by Graeme Norgate
    Who's the Mummie ! Who's the Mummie !
    I was never a fan of FPS games, but this series was the special exception and with its zany cast of characters, came superb, quality music. I'm genuinely delighted to find this here - it reminds me of such good times.
  24. 008 'Ox Hill'
    by Hyde
    Ox Hill Ox Hill
  25. Sacrificed Greyhound
    by Hyde
    Halo Halo
  26. Viper
    by Judge Bitch
    Viper Viper
    My day has not truly begun until I have my vices in hand and this is pumping through my headphones. It's just so damn good, really puts me on an upper.
  27. Gridiron
    by Judge Bitch
    Wildcard Wildcard
    There's an undeniable and devilishly dark twist to this release even by stark contrast to its predecessor "Viper". I'd be remiss not to mention the prime example of this, being the track "Vice". I don't know if I could place one album over the other, they're both phenomenal in their own right.
  28. Miami Sheriff
    by Miami Sheriff
    Night of Sax Night of Sax
  29. Away from the Neon City
    by Miami Sheriff
    Along the Palm's Coast Along the Palm's Coast
  30. Bohemian Club
    by Miami Sheriff
  31. Ephemeral Feelings
    by Miami Sheriff
  32. Blood Arcade
    by Neoslave
    Welcome...To Blood Arcade Welcome...To Blood Arcade
  33. From Womb To Doom
    by Neoslave
    Necrodancer Necrodancer
  34. Skylon
    by Ott.
    Rogue bagel Rogue bagel
  35. Night Driving Avenger EP
    by Perturbator
    04 - Miami Sunsets 04 - Miami Sunsets
  36. TERROR 404
    05 - Mirage 05 - Mirage
  37. I Am The Night
    by Perturbator
    Naked Tongues (Feat. Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic) Naked Tongues (Feat. Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic)
  38. Dangerous Days
    Hard Wired (Feat. Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic) Hard Wired (Feat. Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic)
  39. The Uncanny Valley
    Venger (Feat. Greta Link) Venger (Feat. Greta Link)
  40. New Model
    Tactical Precision Disarray Tactical Precision Disarray
  41. Island [EP]
    by Polaroid Panther
    Gravity Gravity
  42. Ipanema EP
    by saib.
    Ipanema Ipanema
    This EP has such a warm, earthy feel to it. Tracks such as the title track and "We Groovin'" really capture the exquisite flavour it illustrates.
  43. Toilet Abstraction Tapes
    by Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    Midnight Marauder's Delight Midnight Marauder's Delight
  44. Multicolored Helium-Filled Nightmare Zone
    by Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    Not entirely sure what it is I just experienced; all I know is that I want more of it.
  45. Sphinxxx
    by Sphinxxx
    Hey Girl Hey Girl