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  1. Finland
    Proud to be supporting such a great record label that never disappoints.
    45 releases 13 updates 113 supporters
  2. Beneath the Swaying Fronds of Elysian Fields
    by Nero or the Fall of Rome
  3. Fear of a Dead Planet
    by Planet of the Dead
  4. Defied Mummified
    by Filthdigger
  5. We, The Oblivious
    by Sørgelig
  6. Stein - Mensch
    by Nemus
  7. As Serenity Drowned
    by Foray Between Ocean
  8. Xenomorphic Creation
    by Phrymerial
  9. Chapter of the Vermin Domain
    by Vermicular Incubation
  10. Nameless King
    by Embrace Your Punishment
  11. Rejected by Death, An Imperishable Torment
    by Virginity Fraud
  12. Self Titled (Grindcore/Crust)
    by MEDIUM (Argentina)
  13. Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face (Death Metal)
    by INNARDS (Portugal)
  14. Apocalypse (Death Metal)
    by COLOSSO (Portugal)
  15. The Art of Morphology
    by Dawn of Ouroboros
  16. Skunk Fiction - The tales from Žižkov
    by POTHEAD
  17. Deceptive Dreamscape
    by Dream Void
  18. Sanctimonious
    by Dream Void
  19. Divinization
    by Dream Void
  20. Things We Leave Behind
    by Soliloquium
  21. The Voice of Withered Stone
    by Helgafell
  22. Pneuma
    by Diespnea
  23. Between Land and Sky
    by Marrasmieli
    Blown away by Aallot. Can't wait for the full release! \m/
  24. Demo 2 (2020)
    by Disparaître
  26. Transcend
    by Engulf
  27. Entrance to the Otherwhere (Death Metal)
    by ROGGA JOHANSSON (Sweden)
  28. The First 100 Songs
    by Anal Trump
  29. Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu
    by GRUZJA
  30. Self-titled (Death/Doom Metal)
    by ESOGENESI (Italy)
  31. The Radiant Dark (Death/Doom Metal)
  32. The Rise Of The Blind Ones (Death Metal)
  33. Diseased (Death Metal/Crust)
    by BONES (US)
  34. Same Old Silences
    by Imber Luminis
  35. Koratenera: Des Kriegers Licht
    by Wanderer of Worlds
  36. Damned In Endless Night (Death/Sludge Metal)
    by WARCRAB (UK)
  37. Damned In Endless Night (Death/Sludge Metal)
    by WARCRAB (UK)
    In the Arms of Armageddon In the Arms of Armageddon
    I definitely overlooked this when it first came out as I wasn't too keen on the vocals when I first heard them.

    I was later sent a free copy and felt obligated to give it a proper listen, and holy shit..
    One of the best albums I have ever listened to. The riffs are crushing, the song progression is insane and the harmony between all the instruments (and vocals) is perfect.

    I have now bought the vinyl and promised myself to never let something like this almost slip by me again.
  38. Chapter 2: Witch King
  39. Through The Spatial Dimensions
    by Through The Spatial Dimensions
    Brilliant musicianship on display here. I was hooked from the first track all the way through. Bought it immediately afterwards
  40. The Interstice
    by Brand of Sacrifice
  41. Visdom & Makt
    by Nordkväde
  42. Hatred Prayer (Black/Death Metal)
  43. Unsettling Whispers (Black Metal)
    by GAEREA (Portugal)
  44. A battle in the dark lands of the eye...
    by Keys of Orthanc
  45. Suffering
    by Treehouse Burning