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    by Carpenter Brut
  2. DUSK (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Andrew Hulshult
  3. SIGIL Soundtrack
    by Buckethead
  4. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Ryan Ike
  5. Dead Cells - Soundtrack Part 1
    by Yoann Laulan
    ClockTower ClockTower
    There is just so much right with most of the songs on this album. I love the layering and all the little details present in everyone of them, most notably in ClockTower. The level beats are more fast paced and happy, while the boss ones are more dire and orchestral, which contrasts well. I also love the merchant song interspersed here and there to change the mood. My only gripe is that, because of the high layering, some of the songs just blend in and become a mish mash of clutteted sounds during the most ectic parts. Also, on a side note, my favorite merchant song, Food Merchant, ends quite abruptly, which is disappointing since I would consider it my second favorite on the album. Nevertheless this album has become one of my favorite video game soundtrack to listen to and is a must buy.
  6. Hollow Knight (Original Soundtrack)
    by Christopher Larkin
    Dung Defender Dung Defender
  7. Hollow Knight: Gods & Nightmares
    by Christopher Larkin
    Hive Knight Hive Knight
  8. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
    Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage) Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)
  9. Dead Cells Animated - Pan Master Slash
    by Yoann Laulan
    A great little addition to the already amazing Dead Cell OST. I've added it to the end of the album for a complete listening experience. It's a more quirky song than the other present in the OST, but it does capture the spirit of trial and error present in the game and the joy of overcoming the challenge. All in all, if you are a fan of the OST, it's a great addition to it.
  10. Hero of Time (Music from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")
    by Eric Buchholz
    Spirit of the Valley Spirit of the Valley
  11. Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
    Healing the Great Fairy Healing the Great Fairy
  12. Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
    Dawn of the First Day Dawn of the First Day
  13. The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) Disc I: The Past
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
  14. The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) Disc II: The Future
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
  15. Varia Suite
    by Metroid Metal
    Theme (NES) Theme (NES)
  16. Expansion Pack
    by Metroid Metal
    Prime Theme (MP) Prime Theme (MP)
  17. Other Album
    by Metroid Metal
    Tallon Overworld (MP) Tallon Overworld (MP)
  18. Dead Cells Remixes
    by Yoann Laulan
  19. Dead Cells Animated - I Am The Machine
    by Yoann Laulan
  20. Death's Gambit OST
    by Kyle Hnedak
    A Contract A Contract
  21. Music For An Imaginary Soundchip: Environmental Station Alpha Soundtrack
    by Roope Mäkinen
    Onwards Onwards
  22. Endless Legend Soundtrack
    by FlybyNo
    Auriga's Song (Main Title) Auriga's Song (Main Title)
  23. Salt and Sanctuary: Original Soundtrack
    by Ska Studios
    The Nameless God The Nameless God