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  1. This Fog That Never Ends
    by Hante.
  2. The Night We Raise (DATA092)
    by Korine
  3. I + II
    by Ulk
  4. Sharpen Thy Knife, Curse The Sky
    by Moth Tower
  5. Spectral Poetry
    by Solanum
  6. The Dragon, His Angels And The Exaltation Of Death
    by Schemer Heer
  7. Lord Of The 4th Wind
    by Glog
  8. Goddess
    by Arthuros
  9. Macabre Aurae
    by Lugubrious Chant
  10. Prelude
    by Wytch Hazel
  11. Chapter One: Across The Mountains Of The Drämmarskol
    by Ancient Mastery
  12. Little Turtle's War
    by Pan-Amerikan Native Front
  13. Hammerwych EP
    by SYMBEL
  14. Gyddigg - Possessed By The Fury of Wod
    by SYMBEL
  15. Rotten Garden
    by Grima
  16. Of the Lineage of Kings
    by Keys of Orthanc
  17. Devotion to Lord
    by Grima
  18. Den Förtrollade Gläntan
    by Mystiska Skogen
  19. Der Letzte Koenig | Der Erste Koenig
    by An Old Sad Ghost
  20. Shadows Of The Eastern Kingdoms
    by Vaelastrasz