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  1. Hello_World!
    by Tronimal
    by UNE
  3. Gold Fiction Loop Garden
    by Imaginary Softwoods
  4. The Spectral Corridor
    by The House In The Woods
  5. The Carhullan Army
    by The Heartwood Institute
  6. Nothing's Special
    by Oneohtrix Point Never
  7. Teliffusion
    by Concretism
  8. The Scenic Route
    by The Pattern Forms
  9. Mind Altar / A Loving Blue
    by Khotin
  10. Warminster UFO Club
    by Drew Mulholland
  11. Amb
    by Area 3
  12. Working Men's Club
    by Working Men's Club
  13. Live at Curious Dream 2/15/20
    by Phil Yeah
  14. Flaws
    by Jogging House
    by HAIG FRAS
  16. The Black Meadow Archive: The Lost Tapes
    by The Soulless Party
  17. Leaving In Storms/Coordinates
    by Field Lines Cartographer
  18. Witchcraft Murders
    by The Heartwood Institute
  19. Pinkus Abortion Technician
    by Melvins
  20. Finds You Well
    by Khotin