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Scott Lawlor

  1. Denton, Texas
  2. Ambient
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  1. Pain
    by he11gir1
  2. A Soul Ascends
    by Steve Roach
  3. Primordial Stages
    by Ran Kirlian
  4. Sidereus Nuncius
    by Ran Kirlian
  5. A Shaman's Warning: Further Tales of Wi'tiko
    by Mombi Yuleman
  6. Metamorphosis (Deluxe Edition)
    by Cousin Silas
  7. From Perpetuity (Alzheimer's Society)
    by Daniel Crompton
  8. Dronescapes I
    by Ran Kirlian
  9. Silent Easter Monday
    by Binaural Space
    I love the ambience with the nature sounds and the psychedelic vibe of the drones as the piece progresses. Think Michael Stearnes meets early Pink Floyd. I give this my highest possible recommendation.
  10. Emporium Drone 007
    by Cousin Silas
  11. Northern Archipelago
    by Hiemal
  12. Blood Name
    by Bonini Bulga
  13. Make Justice a Wrecking Ball
    by Carey Moore
  14. Offering to the Morning Fog
    by Robert Rich
  15. Of Dawn And Of Ice
  16. Make This World Better
    by Wings Of An Angel
  17. Practice Of Disappearance
    by Wings Of An Angel
  18. Come Out Of Nowhere
    by Wings Of An Angel
  19. Death Past Capacity
    by Bacillus
  20. A Nightmare From Which I Am Trying To Awake
    by The Flesh, Full of Black Sand