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  1. Until The End
    by David Banks
  2. Chance Weekend
    by KiDD
  3. The Murmur of the Land
    by Winter Aid
  4. Lowpines
    by Lowpines
  5. In Silver Halides
    by Lowpines
    by Sam Brookes
  7. The Nothing
    by The Last Dinosaur
  8. By The Water's Edge
    by Sparkwood & 21
  9. Believe in Time
    by Sparkwood & 21
  10. Red Bouquet Fair
    by The Junipers
  11. Into Spinning Lights
    by Sleep Decade
  12. Where I Lived, And What I Lived For
    by Scott Orr
  13. A Long Life
    by Scott Orr
  14. Everything
    by Scott Orr
  15. 'NO DAMAGE'
    by Darren Cross
  16. Song From Far
    by Grand Lake Islands
  17. Songs From an Imaginary Record
    by Jacob Golden
  18. When It's Over
    by Conor Mason
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Masquerade
    by Simon Herron
  20. The Road (signed CD)
    by Tom Moriarty
  21. Night Songs
    by Benedict Benjamin
  22. 'Australia Restless'
    by Adam Gibson and the Ark-Ark Birds
  23. (PB009) Tamas Wells: A Mark On The Pane (w/bonus Stitch In Time EP)
    by Popboomerang
  24. (PB024) Tamas Wells: A Plea En Vendredi
    by Popboomerang
  25. (PB020) Modern Giant: Satellite Nights(with free"This Is Sydney EP" - digital only)
    by Popboomerang
  26. (PB042) Tamas Wells: Two Years in April
    by Popboomerang
  27. (PB066) Tamas Wells: Thirty People Away
    by Popboomerang
  28. (PB028) Adrian Whitehead: One Small Stepping Man
    by Popboomerang
  29. (PB061) Young Werther: Knights Of The Department Store
    by Popboomerang
  30. (PB053) Deserters: Pale Morning
    by Popboomerang
  31. Not Nearly Dark
    by Ciaran Lavery
  32. Kosher
    by Ciaran Lavery
  33. Huck Notari and the River
    by Huck Notari
  34. Falling
    by Little Children
  35. The Past is Never Where You Think You Left It
    by Charles Jenkins & The Amateur Historians
  36. The Blue Atlas Companion
    by Charles Jenkins
  37. 'Honest Hearts' [EP] *Deluxe Edition*
    by The Lake Poets
  38. Gather 'round the Gooseclock
    by Mali Mali
  39. Longbows (EP)
    by Lucy Roleff
  40. Buddy Glass
    by Buddy Glass
  41. The Blood of the Innocents
    by Robyn G Shiels
  42. 'Honest Hearts' [EP] *Deluxe Edition*
    by The Lake Poets
  43. No Kingdom
    by Sam Moss
  44. Sundowning at the Station
    by Doc Feldman & the LD50
  45. You go your way, I'll go mine
    by Ainslie Wills