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  1. Neoncity Cruise
    by Neoncity Records
  2. Showa Idol's Groove 2
    by Night Tempo
  3. The Sweetest Dream
    by Desired
  4. Fantasy
    by Night Tempo
  5. Save Chiptune
    by Inverse Phase
  6. カタカナ・タイトル + Kanji Title (Double EP)
    by TANUKI
  7. Metro City (Collector Edition)
    by Vantage
  8. カタカナ・タイトル + Kanji Title (Double EP)
    by TANUKI
  9. Dividual Heart EP
    by Satellite Young
  10. エイリアン☆ポップ II
    by Snail's House
  11. Ahoge EP
    by tomatoism
  12. Moe Moe
    by Moe Shop
  13. Anime Wav Groove Vol. 1&2
    by Android52
  14. ちょっくらCHARMER + Prose ザ•リズム Double EP
    by Literature
  15. Sailor Team Hits!
    by Sailor Team
  16. Satellite Young
    by Satellite Young
  17. Jack Doushi / ジャック同士
    by Satellite Young
  18. Fake Memory / フェイクメモリー
    by Satellite Young
  19. Geeky Boyfriend
    by Satellite Young
  20. Break! Break! Tic! Tac!
    by Satellite Young
  21. Satellite Young feat. Mitch Murder - Sniper Rouge
    by Satellite Young
  22. Modern Romance
    by Satellite Young
  23. Fake Memory (Outrun Electro Remix)
    by Satellite Young
  24. Fakememory Remix Rev.
    by Satellite Young
  25. Don't Graduate Senpai / 卒業しないで、先輩
    by Satellite Young
  26. Kiss Me Kill Me
    by Odyssey
  27. Thriller (remastered with rap)
    by BlackGryph0n, Michelle Creber, Baasik
  28. Cycles Per Instruction
    by netcat
    The Internet Is An Apt Motherfucker The Internet Is An Apt Motherfucker
    Great music to program to!
  29. Worlds Most Romantic Song
    by Weebl's Stuff
  30. Bass for Autism Vol. 1 (Presented by edmDistrict)
    by Bass For Autism
  31. Crusader (Are We There Yet)
    by Black Gryph0n & Baasik
  32. Monstercat 007 - Solace
    by Monstercat
  33. Do the Flop (10 minute version)
    by Lil Deuce Deuce
  34. Life As We Know It EP
    by Alex S.
  35. Apple 2012
    by Balloon Party
  36. The Final Countdown (Beats Antique REMIX - NYE 2011)
    by Europe, Beats Antique
  37. Songs About The Pink One (and others)
    by General Mumble
  38. Retourne
    by JAQL
    Retourne Retourne
  39. Urban Metaphor
    by OMNI
  40. 20 Percent Cooler
    by Ken Ashcorp
  41. Zelda Step
    by Ephixa
  42. Splunk - Single
    by Exile