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  1. Broken Age: Original Soundtrack
    by Double Fine Productions
    Broken Age - Vella Wakes Broken Age - Vella Wakes
    what can I say? it's McConnell, versatile as ever. this waxes more heavily orchestral/cinematic in sound than a lot of his previous game work and I'm not the least bit displeased with the result.
    while the title track is still #1 in my book in its simplicity, I personally find the rather creatively-composed "space-related" tracks more interesting overall.
    really enjoyable album; meshed well with the game, IMO.
  2. Absentee
    by Jack Campbell
  3. Dropchord
    by Double Fine Productions
  4. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
    The Road of Trials The Road of Trials
  5. Gospel
    by MarchFourth
  6. Bastion: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
    Spike in a Rail Spike in a Rail
    I have absolutely no need to justify this album's presence in my *completely* stellar collection.

    I mean, seriously. Have you LISTENED to it?
  7. Cherubim
    by Homestuck
    The Lordling The Lordling
  8. Genesis Frog
    by Alexander Rosetti
    Thip of the Tongue Thip of the Tongue
  9. One Year Older
    by Erik "Jit" Scheele
    Mother (Piano) [Bonus] Mother (Piano) [Bonus]
  10. Symphony Impossible to Play
    by Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
    II - Sarabande II - Sarabande
  11. Homestuck Vol. 9
    by Homestuck
    Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse
  12. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
    by Homestuck
    Coolkid Coolkid
  13. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A
    by Homestuck
    Olive Rogue Olive Rogue
  14. Song of Skaia
    by Mark Hadley
  15. Homestuck Vol. 1-4
    by Homestuck
  16. Homestuck Vol. 8
    by Homestuck
    Ocean Stars Falling Ocean Stars Falling
  17. Alternia
    by Toby "Radiation" Fox
    Spider's Claw (Bonus) Spider's Claw (Bonus)
  18. AlterniaBound
    by Homestuck
    Chaotic Strength Chaotic Strength
  19. Homestuck Vol. 5
    by Homestuck
    Sarabande Sarabande