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  1. Warm Pad, Sharp Stab
    by Phono Ghosts
  2. Fascinating
    by R.E.M.
  3. Hopeless Variations
    by April Larson
    Binary Star Binary Star
    Ambient magic.
  4. The Streets Of Metropolis
    by Flash Arnold
  5. Overdue
    by Space Phase
    Goosebumps. This song flows so well, it feels like you're being slowly dragged into it as it progresses.
  6. These Are The Shout
    by Graham Kartna
    U Need A Break U Need A Break
    This album is an interesting one from Graham, it kind of carries a sadder tone than some of the other releases - almost as if something has been lost. I kind of wish it had a happier tone like Shoot The Moons as it makes me feel sad, but none the less it is still a great album and has the classic signature Graham C64 sounds and 90s sounding material pianos and leads.
  7. The Awakening
    by Skaraj
  8. Lemurian (2015 Re-Issue)
    by Lone
  9. Explore
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  10. Stargazing/Take Off!
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  11. Shine
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  12. Gaze
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  13. Bird's Eye View
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  14. Electricity
    by Concretism
  15. Cola Champagne
    by Space Phase
    Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand
    A bit poppy with the vocals, but great instrumentation and very well produced.
  16. Precognition
    by Skaraj
  17. Trepidation
    by Skaraj
  18. Ecstacy & Friends
    by Lone
    Go Greenhills Racer Go Greenhills Racer
    An adventure from start to finish.
  19. Dive
    by Tycho
    Dive Dive
    Great album to listen to when it's sunny or as background music. It definitely has inspiration from BoC in there, but with Tycho's own originality in there too.
  20. Astrowave E.P.
    by FM Attack
    A Million Miles Away A Million Miles Away
  21. Deja Vu
    by FM Attack
    Lost Angeles Lost Angeles
  22. ROLLING EXPERT (Graham Kartna's Slow Roll Remix)
    I don't know what to say?
  23. Balthazar's Dream Soundtrack
    by Taylor Ambrosio Wood
  24. The Flat Man
    by Graham Kartna
    This was the second track I listened to by Graham, as soon as that intro transitions, I knew I was in for something good. Terrific track.
  25. For Concrete And Country
    by Concretism
    Brilliant album, a little less nostalgia with this one and more analogue grittiness with a huge sense of gloom.
  26. .temp
    by Graham Kartna
    chiltonWALK.temp chiltonWALK.temp
  27. Hi-Skool MacDude©
    by Graham Kartna
  28. Loop Tube
    by Graham Kartna
    Pepper Kid Pepper Kid
    Lots of enjoyable earworms that'll get stuck in your head constantly. Especially Pepper Kid.
  29. An Obsession With Kit - EP
    by Graham Kartna
    We're Only Human We're Only Human
  30. Laker Ice - EP
    by Graham Kartna
    Things Could Change! Things Could Change!
    Excellent EP, wish it was longer.
  31. Rewards
    by Graham Kartna
  32. Illegal Transmissions Over Boyos, ON
    by Graham Kartna
    Wiggly Kitchen Wiggly Kitchen
    While this album didn't really click with me, it's still an interesting piece worth checking out as Graham dives into doing his own vocals. Wiggly Kitchen is my favourite track that I've listened to countless times.
  33. Shoot The Moons
    by Graham Kartna
    Natalya Natalya
    This album is so weird, random, overwhelming and really different. It almost feels as if it doesn't follow a song structure, but it does. It's a real adventure with 90s nostalgia of cartoons, games, and all sorts. I love it. The portamento + wow and flutter is done so well.
  34. One Year: A Collection Of Old Tunes
    by Graham Kartna
  35. The Adventures Of Death Boy
    by Graham Kartna
    Using A Coffee Maker To Boil Hotdogs Using A Coffee Maker To Boil Hotdogs
  36. Rhetoric On Sublime
    by Graham Kartna
    Glucose Love Glucose Love
  37. Children's Music For Big Kids
    by Graham Kartna
    by knoll eder
    Something nice to wake up to.
  39. Fairlight
    by Com Truise
    Polyhurt Polyhurt
    If there's one thing Com Truise nailed is endings for his songs, and Polyhurt is one of them.
  40. In Decay
    by Com Truise
    Open Open
    I love this album start to finish. I've played most of these tracks at least 50-100 times. This album (along with many other electronic artists and albums) inspired me to compose electronic music.
  41. Galactic Melt
    by Com Truise
    Glawio Glawio
    Incredible album, I like to think of this as the pre-sequel for In Decay to an extent.
  42. Stellar
    by FM Attack
    Images Of You Images Of You
    Probably FM Attack's most polished album yet. While I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous ones, I still think it's a great album.
  43. Techno Performance
    by Skaraj
    Techno Performance Part 6 Techno Performance Part 6
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. Hip Hop / Trap Collection
    by SPACE MAGIC スペース マジック
    While I'm not a fan of trap music in general, this album is an exception with catchy melodies and drum beats with a real experimentation vibe of lo-fi and trap music.
  45. Star Charts
    by Pogo
    One Day With You One Day With You