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  1. Wolfsstunde
    by Nahtrunar
  2. From Beyond The Burial Mound
    by Sepulchral
  3. The Crawling Of Worms And Time
    by Gravelurker
  4. Kuu Erkylän Yllä
    by Havukruunu
  5. Kelle Surut Soi
    by Havukruunu
  6. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu
  7. Loka Mær
    by Mara
  8. an Gorta Mór
    by Olde Throne
  9. An Infernal Grave
    by Mythology
    Serpent Slayer Serpent Slayer
    Incorporating the dissonant tones of Black Metal infused with the crushing weight of Death Metal, "An Infernal Grave" is an excellent fusion of both genres and exemplifies the term "Blackend Death Metal".

    Intense drumming lays the foundation for layered guitars and bitter cold vocals as song composition utilizes the best aspects of each element. And in the truest of spirit, this is 100% DIY.

    Mythology is a criminally underappreciated band.
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  10. Forever But Never Named
    by Lightcrusher
    Coursing Through Black Veins of Earth Coursing Through Black Veins of Earth
    Hail the return of Lightcrusher! Still waiting for the full experience but glad to see this on Bandcamp. May your fame spread far and wide.
  11. Der Hatz entronnen
    by Rimruna
    Wirren Wirren
    The guitar tones are at once hatefully cult and mystically beautiful. The wide variety of composition makes every moment of each song interesting and engaging.

    The drumming is stunningly tight and I especially appreciate the originality of the fills, they perfectly complimented the atmosphere and transitions.

    Finally, the clarity of recording quality is amazing and evidences complex and accomplished musicianship.
  12. Where The Icecold Blood Storms
    by Ulvegr
    Epoch of the eclipse Epoch of the eclipse
    This album was my introduction to Ulvegr and they have remained as intense on all their following releases.

    "Where The Icecold Blood Storms" is an absolute assault of pure Black Metal, defined by high energy driven guitars, aggressive bitter vocals, and blastbeats that stop only to accentuate thunderous doublekick. The brief interludes of atmosphere are soon shattered by sonic savagery.

    Regardless of album, Ulvegr is a constant staple in my CD rotation..
  13. In The Dungeons Of Mind
    by МОРОК
  14. Umbra
    by Almyrkvi
    Vaporous Flame Vaporous Flame
    I've owned the CD for a number of years now and it's held fast in my core collection the entire time. The beauty and brutality of "Umbra" is something that cannot be properly explained by words, it is an experience.
  15. And I Walk Among the Shadows...
    by МОРОК
  16. The Impaler
    by Mythology
    A Call of the Night A Call of the Night
    "The Impaler" ranges from savage brutality to ethereal interludes and immeasurably heavy atmosphere. Continuously strong and engaging throughout its entirety, every song is capable of standing on its own outside the album concept.

    "The Impaler" remains in my CD rotation all these years later, and as my most favored of their work I have no expectation that will ever change.
  17. Constructing Stairs of Mortared Bone
    by Lightcrusher
    "Constructing Stairs of Mortared Bone" is another evolution for the powerful sound of Lightcrusher. They continue to employ aspects of Black, Death, and Doom that defy singular genre labels. Dark aggression mixes with gentle harmony. Smooth interludes into powerful (one might even say "crushing") assaults. Their sound is unique, yet accessibly familiar for new listeners. I genuinely enjoy this release.
  18. Ett Fjärran Kall
    by Fornhem
  19. Existenz
    by Nahtrunar
  20. Knokkelkraft (NP038)
    by Skygge