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  1. Yellow Cricket
    by Lister Rossel
    Moon Garden Moon Garden
  2. Tropix
    by Céu
    Perfume Do Invisível Perfume Do Invisível
  3. Ondar EP
    by Dirtwire
    Taiga ft. Kongar-ol Ondar Taiga ft. Kongar-ol Ondar
  4. freedom
    by Guts
    You're living like pigs You're living like pigs
    The artist known as Guts is one of my favorite producers. All of his releases are well worth exploring for fans of abstract, chilled out, instrumental hip hop with a great sense of fun & whimsy-
  5. Fela [7" Master]
    A Fela classic, flipped with a sweet, laid back hip hop groove.
  6. Blumenkraft
    by Ott.
    Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack
    This groundbreaking first album from psy-dub pioneer, Ott, still sounds great. In retrospect, you can hear its influence in lots of current releases to this day-
  7. Echo's Edits (Album)
    by Lord Echo
    Jungle Musics Jungle Musics
    Tasty edits of classic Afro-Beat, Ethiopian groovers, Sun Ra and more. This collection is chock full of gems-
  8. Whiskey Barons JB reworks
    by the whiskey barons
    There was a time (whiskey barons rework) There was a time (whiskey barons rework)
    One of our best remix/re-edit crews takes on the Godfather of soul with typically funky fresh results-
  9. Resense 033
    by Resense
    Guajira Starr Guajira Starr
    Along with the G.A.M.M. label, Resense is one of the original- and still one of the best sources for tropical, funky white label remixes. You can't go wrong with anything in the series-
  10. Going Underground
    by Da Lata
    Going Underground Going Underground
    Da Lata covers a classic by the Jam- what else needs to be said? The flip side is a nice "Brazil meets Rocksteady" groover-
  11. Soundtracks for Sunrise
    by The Winston Giles Orchestra
    We wait for sunrise We wait for sunrise
    This was recommended to me by a listener of our weekly, internet radio show, Six Degrees Traveler. Lovely, sunny, folktronica that reminds me of one of my favorite bands (now disbanded), Lemonjelly
  12. Extradimensional Ethnography
    by Akara
    The Far Shore The Far Shore
    Forget "World" music, these guys make "Other-World" music. Haunting female vocals & excellent musicianship, combines with organic acoustic textures and clever programming to create a sound that is sometimes almost "orchestral" in nature. Very unique and enchanting.
  13. Akara:Remixed
    by Akara
    Projection (Kaminanda Remix) Projection (Kaminanda Remix)
    Great remixers re-transform Akara's original tracks. This stands on its own as a unique listen.
  14. Eloquent Expansion
    by Kalya Scintilla
    Open Channel Open Channel
    One of the most interesting of the new crop of "Global Fusioneers"- Kalya incorporates elements of glitch, dubstep & global bass into his music. making it great for listening & the dance-floor. Make sure you check out the free download of his remix of Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock" which is beautifully done-