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  1. Los Angeles 2020 EP
    by Panther Modern
  2. Instruments of Retribution
    by Daniel Deluxe
  3. The Destroyer - 1
    by TR/ST
  4. Reaction
    by Odonis Odonis
  5. ヘッドハンター
    by Fixions
  6. Phantom Heart
  7. Think
    by Kaleida
  8. French Synthwave Compilation Vol.1
    by Last Rendez-Vous Records
  9. Shadows & Serenades
    by A Covenant of Thorns
  10. Genocity
    by Fixions
  11. Republik
    by The Bellwether Syndicate
  12. The Bela Session
    by Bauhaus
  13. UNTUNE (Remastered)
    by Zamilska
  14. 3
    by Sextile
  15. A Thousand Hands
    by Sextile
  16. 憂鬱
    by 憂鬱
  17. Urban Gothic
    by Götterdämmerung
    Skincree (version) Skincree (version)
    I love this band and always felt that they were underrated for how good a band they are. This is no exception, it is great, dark music that never becomes tiresome.
  18. Serve Us Tender EP
    by Egrets on Ergot
  19. Surfeit of Gemütlich
    by Egrets on Ergot
  20. "Ansia" (ft. MAKARIA)
    by Frío y Vacío
  21. Man Who Never Cares
    by The Witch Will Die Tomorrow
  22. Reptilians From Andromeda
    by Reptilians from Andromeda
  23. Contravveleno
    by Havah
  24. Better Than Death
    by New Today
  25. Albeit Living
    by Sextile
  26. Fate
    by Soviet Soviet
  27. Curse (2012 remaster)
    by Legendary Pink Dots
  28. L'heure de salir [french synth pop] (UPR056) Compact Disc
    by LA MAIN
  29. Strange Memories
  30. RITUAL (single)
    by ORAX
  31. The Uncanny Valley
  32. New Model
  33. Their Body
    by Ritual Howls
  34. Fascinated On Ground
    by Hospital Asshole
  35. The Totalitarianism of Everyday Life
    by Haldol
  36. Era del Vacío
    by Era del Vacío
  37. Cages
    by Dystopian Society
  38. Solam
    by Lacrima Necromanzia
  39. Dur Dur Dur
    by Durs Coeurs
  40. Miasma LP
  41. Demo
    by Artefact
  42. Big Attraction
    by Amyl and the Sniffers
  43. Self-titled 45 LP
    by Haldol
  44. Cells
    by Lacrima Necromanzia
  45. Death of Nuclear Arms
    by 85816