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Rene Cloosterman

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  1. Kaytos Kom
    by Drusuna
  2. MANN
    by Sowulo
    Brego in Brēoste Brego in Brēoste
    The recognizable sound of Sowulo, blended with Viking music.

    Energizing Viking Ritual music that inspires.
  3. Saatto ja syntymä
    by Ruumisto
  4. Ethnosphere
    by KOLO
  5. Feadóg Mhór (Original Soundtrack)
    by Ian Fontova
  6. Bring It Home Bonnie Lass
    by Clanadonia
  7. Unnuaq
    by Saltarello
  8. The Flow Of Emotions
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Brego in Breoste - Single
    by Sowulo
  10. Futha
    by Heilung
  11. Hefna
    by Danheim
  12. SHIVA IN EXILE - Unreleased Songs Pack
    by Stefan Hertrich
  13. SHIVA IN EXILE - Nour
    by Stefan Hertrich
  14. Wintersun Live at Tuska 2013
    by Wintersun
  15. TIME I 1.5
    by Wintersun
  16. Nature G: Dark Poetry
    by Tengger Cavalry
  17. Sær
    by Gealdýr
  18. Her og nå
    by Faulk
  19. Decade of Songs & Stories
    by Greenrose Faire
  20. Hringrás
    by Danheim
  21. Guardians of the Elder Wisdom
    by Dervhengrym
  22. Úlfhéðnar
    by Dervhengrym
  23. feat. Counterbalance - Raka's Incantation
    by Fuimadane
  24. Vegleitir
    by Fuimadane
  25. Sound of the Raging Steppe
    by Tengger Cavalry, Nine Treasures, Suld, Nan, Sintas, Liberation
  26. Northern Memory (Vol. 1)
    by Tengger Cavalry
  27. Умырзая (Snowdrop)
    by Aq Bure
  28. The Video Game Champion
    by GUNSHIP
  29. Mareridt (Deluxe Version)
    by Myrkur
  30. Juniper
    by Myrkur
  31. Yaga
    by Idisi
  32. Roots
    by Irfan
  33. Blodbylgje + DIGIPACK
    by Katt Ran
  34. Lost Serenades
    by Ball Noir
  35. Vous en Reprendrez Bien une Tranche (Live)
    by La Horde
  36. Musclor (et les arcanes du crâne ancestral)
    by La Horde
  37. Prince Ali
    by La Horde
    appears in 1 other collection
  38. Jayce's Reel
    by La Horde
  39. Egilsson
    by Danheim
  40. Rúnatal
    by Danheim & Sigurboði
  41. Aequilibrium
    by Andrey Vinogradov
  42. Etnostation - EP
    by Etnostation
  43. The Journey
    by Ian Fontova
  44. Fluturistik
    by Ian Fontova
  45. The Wind Folk
    by Ian Fontova