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  1. South of the Sun
    by The Stone Eye
  2. Those Who Hunt At Night
    Vaster Empires Vaster Empires
    Hunt At Night was cool to see live. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the mastered tracks.
  3. Tinnitus the Night
    by Roadsaw
    Midazolam Midazolam
    Honestly bought it for the album art alone, but the tracks are fuckin' rockin' as hell. \m/
  4. Ass Boys (Theme Song)
    by Two Minutes To Late Night
    Because Billy Gunn was in my top 5.
  5. Romantik I
    by Bergfried
  6. Grinding Advance
    by World Eaters
  7. Animosity
    by Corrosion of Conformity
    Positive Outlook Positive Outlook
  8. Into the Nightmare
    by SHADOWS
  9. The Offering
    by Lords of the Trident
    Feed the Wolves Feed the Wolves
  10. Morieris
    by Crystal Spiders
    Harness Harness
    Mike D and Brenna are making magic happen for the 919 chapter!! Raleighwood or bust!!
  11. I'm the One
    Nights on Fire Nights on Fire
    Gotta give it up for the hometown hero Roy. Have the pleasure of meeting him a bunch of times in and out of band life. He is the real deal folks. Super cool dude who loves the fans and our hometown. Got nothing but respect and praise for Cathey and DC.
  12. 2099
    by Stunner
    Megalopolis Megalopolis
    Because it is Stunning. Ba Dum Tss! <3
  13. Hexapoda Triumph
    Group of metal heads told me about this band. Super cool, excited to check out the back catalogue.
  14. El Arte de lo Oculto
    by Fuego Eterno
  15. Devil is Fine
    by Zeal and Ardor
    Blood In The River Blood In The River
    Love this band so much. Best thing to happen to Metal since Black Sabbath.
  16. Live @ KSET
    by Acid Hags
  17. Wild (2018)
    by Acid Hags
  18. Devouring the Mountains Vol. 6
    by ARGONAUTA Records
  19. Cold Front
    by Freeways
    New Drag City New Drag City
    Thanks be to thy guy Simon E Phoenix for this one. You rule!
  20. Freeways - True Bearings
    by Freeways
    Dead Air Dead Air
    Thanks be to thy guy Simon E Phoenix for this one. You rule!