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  1. Austrian Dukes of Derangement
    by VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC
  2. "The Defiler"
    by CumAlot
  3. On That 2008 Split
    by The I-5 Killer / Down Under
  4. WR063 - The Queen Guillotined - Nothing Will Get Us To Heaven
    by Wretched Records
  5. Lost In A Decaying Structure
    by Pencil Lead Syringe
  6. Stopping A Train With My Bare Hands
    by O' Captain! My Captain!
  7. The Apocalyptic Genocide of the Human Race
    by The Roman Holiday
  8. Lost at Sea
    by In Dire Need
  9. The Travelling Parasite
    by Brazen Bull
  10. 5 Track Advance
    by Brazen Bull
  11. Gutter Earth
    by Grimus
  12. Days Gone (Remastered)
    by 25 Dollar Massacre
  13. Lithopædia | Promo 2020
    by New Standard Elite
  14. Satisfaction
    by Narrow Head
  15. Deja Disparu
    by The Abandonment
  16. Vivisection Parade
    by Geisterfahrer
  17. Did You Mean Australia? (Remastered)
    by Did You Mean Australia?
  18. Daemonophobia (Remastered)
    by Did You Mean Australia?
  19. demo2020
    by fleshwater
  20. How Hate Is Hard To Define
    by Plebeian Grandstand