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  1. Death-Robot Music 2014
    by Various Artists
  2. Eldritch Binary in Technocraftian
    by Tachyon Crisis Talon
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  3. Within The Contours of Space
    by Astral Void Engine
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  4. Death-Robot Music 2013
    by Various Artists
  5. Renounce
    by Ion Plasma Incineration
  6. Survivor (SINGLE)
    by Ion Plasma Incineration
  7. Entity
    by Sidewalks And Skeletons
    Wow! many many styles in one album! Who would've thought that Electro punk and industrial, would be the best combo! The fact you have the lead vocalist, from goo munday writing the songs. I can hear it in you're vocal style, its rather beautiful!
  8. Monolith EP
    by Tachyon Crisis Talon
    Again this guy does not miss a beat! I fucking love this EP, its more on the Aggrotech side,but damn all I can say is damn! dO..Ob
  9. Endless Eternities
    by Bridge Street Army
    I listened to some of the tracks, posted on his YouTube channel. HOLLY SHIT!! I've been waiting for this new project to come out since last August! Again this man, doesn't miss a fucking beat!
  10. Resurrection Protocols Online
    by Omega Communion
    Fiberoptic Nervous System Fiberoptic Nervous System
    Has a very very PS1/PS2 era FPS or 3rd person shooter music feel
    to it, but again its very kick ass!
  11. FallOut Nation
    by EXTIZE
  12. Armageddon In Progress
    by Tachyon Crisis Talon
    Respite Respite
    Hit's hard and with no mercy!! I fucking love this album,fast short and oddly sweet...But hey, it fits my fancy! ^.. ^
  13. Understatement
    by Instans
  14. Plague Of Exhumation
    by Astral Binary Dominion
  15. Stimulant EP
    by Charon Nail Encryption
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  16. Calamity From Neutron Genesis
    by Pulse Of Ophidean
    Very very interesting take on Industrial metal, Djent and industrial mix well actually. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this style, one of these days!
  17. Reject The Patterns
    by Charon Nail Encryption
    I love this album! Its my favorite out of all the CNE albums, I love them all but this one hits hard!
  18. In A Shattered Mirror
    by Xentrifuge
  19. Point Of Origin
    by Celestial Weapon
  20. The Expression of Filth