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  1. Beijing, China
  2. Metal
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  1. The Greatest Outrageous Famine (極餓非道)
    by Disanxian (地三鮮)
    1.Intro+Empty Box 空腦袋 1.Intro+Empty Box 空腦袋
  2. Heavy Metal Disaster
    by Pounder
    Hot and Runnin' Hot and Runnin'
    We all know Matt Harvey is a damn genius, but some of us had no idea he was down for some NWOBHM. And it's as legendary as his Dekapitator/Exhumed/Gruesome efforts.
  3. The Greatest Outrageous Famine (極餓非道)
    by Disanxian (地三鮮)
    3.No Peaceville 莫須有和平鎮 3.No Peaceville 莫須有和平鎮
    That's some crusty stuff right there. Cantonese metal punk is hard to come by, and this stuff hits the spot.
  4. The Omniclasm
    by Lich King
    Preschool Cesspool Preschool Cesspool
    2017 thrash album of the year, no competition. Maybe some of the best metal lyrics I've ever heard.
  5. Warriors of the Night
    by Dinkumoil
    Dinkumoil is almost back, and this song gives us a taste of what we're waiting for.
  6. On The Scorched Earth
    by ALCOR
    臉著地 Face Down 臉著地 Face Down
    Alcor is the best kept secret in China's thrash community, and I have no idea why. Great, blazing-fast riffs.
    by HEXFIRE
    Escape Escape
    A great representation of China's flourishing Thrash/Death scene. Never lets up, and we don't even want it to.
  8. Lost in the Maze of a Nightmare
    by Punisher
    Minions of the Beast (人模狗样) Minions of the Beast (人模狗样)
    Punisher NAILS it with their newest EP, combining the style of their demo Harmonik Hell with the technical complexity of Battle of Grace. Massive!!
  9. 2012 - Ear Piercing Thrash
    by Bio-Cancer
    Ear Piercing Thrash Ear Piercing Thrash
    Perhaps the most interesting combination of fast thrash riffs and screechy vocals in recent years.
  10. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Waiting Around To Die Waiting Around To Die
    One of the best thrash albums of the past few years. Moves thrash in a new direction.
  11. Fragments of Psyche
    by Gruesome
    Fragments of Psyche Fragments of Psyche
  12. Revenge Mode
  13. Brain Damage
    by BUST OFF.
    Morals Are For Men Not For Gods Morals Are For Men Not For Gods
  14. Wisdom Eyes
    by Nine Treasures
    My Hulunboir My Hulunboir
    Nine Treasures returns with a record much less intense, but with much more heart and creativity. Highly recommended.
  15. Sick Mutant Society
    by Chemical Exposure
    Industrial Desolation Industrial Desolation
  16. From The Ages
    by Earthless
    Violence of The Red Sea Violence of The Red Sea
  17. Battle of Grace
    by Punisher
    Heyday (盛世) Heyday (盛世)
    Battle of Grace is China's most technical thrash metal record to date. The entire album feels like its boiling, and the vocals here convey an anger that is distinctly Chinese.
  18. Queen Of Electricity And Her Coming Kingdom
    by Electric Lady
    Hard Rain Fallin' (Sir Lord Baltimore Cover) Hard Rain Fallin' (Sir Lord Baltimore Cover)
    Electric Lady is one hell of a tribute to 70s psych rock. Every riff and vocal note feels deliberately placed to create a sense of nostalgia.
  19. I, Commander
    by EVIL ARMY
    I, Commander I, Commander
  20. Homeland Insecurity (single)
    While rocking out to Homeland Insecurity, I almost overlooked the most impressive aspect of the song-- the roots of its strong and inspired U.S. punk lyrics are bellowed in Beijing, China.
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  21. Duguilang
    by Ego Fall
    What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath
    Ego Fall is a universally respected band among Chinese and Mongolian metalheads. After hearing this album, it's easy to understand why.
  22. 江山(Mountains and Rivers)
    by DreamSpirit
    双龙池(Dragonlake) 双龙池(Dragonlake)
    This album is without a doubt, metal. That being said, I feel like non-metalheads could easily enjoy this.
  23. King of Worms
    by Never Before
    Cold Blood Mike Cold Blood Mike
    Some of the jazz-doomiest metal I've ever heard. It's like stoner metal on speed and then on mushrooms.
  24. Why Could this be
    by Heavy Duty
    This is my favorite power metal band in China. Awesome chorus lines every time.
  25. Against The Grain - 'Motor City Speed Rock' (SDR 006)
    by Against The Grain
    Ride On Ride On
  26. Against The Grain - 'Surrounded By Snakes' (SDR 003)
    by Against The Grain
    Last Breath Last Breath
  27. Splitting Sky
    by Borracho
    Grinder Grinder
    Groovy stoner riffs right out of the U.S. capital.
  28. War Bastard
    by Kriegs Legion
    No Monopoly on Violence No Monopoly on Violence
    This is the fast American thrash with punk lyrics that I needed.
  29. Blood Sacrifice Shaman
    by Tengger Cavalry
    Horseman Horseman
    Mongolian metal with no bullshit. Traditional instruments mixed with deep metal riffs.
  30. Nakoma
    by Nakoma
    The Fray The Fray
    Come on, everyone loves Nakoma.
  31. Nine Treasures
    by Nine Treasures
    Black Heart Black Heart
    It's a Mongolian folk metal record with a song for everybody, from instrumentals to thrashier riffs.
  32. Raging Living / 立文的愤怒
    by EXPLOSICUM 爆浆
    B4. Game Over B4. Game Over
    The most iconic album for Chinese thrash metal in the 2000s. Headbangers should prepare for a concussion.
  33. Hymn to Fangs
    by Punisher
    Hymn to Fangs Hymn to Fangs
    Punisher reinvents the riff, and slams you with it relentlessly.
  34. Sinometal Battalion
    by Dinkumoil, Hellward, Tractor, Ravenwreck
    Warriors of the Night Warriors of the Night
    Four awesome bands.
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  35. Social Justice Warrior
    by The Satans
    Angst As Fuck Angst As Fuck
    It's hardcore.
  36. We Will Destroy...You Will Obey!
    by Dekapitator
    Hell's Metal Hell's Metal
    The thrashiest thrash you have ever thrashed in your whole life.
  37. Never Before - Evil Straw Warts Live
    by Never Before
    Clockwork pig Clockwork pig
    China's first stoner/doom metal act brings the genre to another level.
  38. Pawn My Soul
    by Pink Machines
    Pawn My Soul Pawn My Soul
    Punk/Grind is hard to pull off. You sir, pulled it off.
  39. Nekroma
    by Nekroma
    Carnival Urge Carnival Urge
    It's avante garde, it's ambient, and it's prog. Most importantly, you've never heard anything quite like it before.