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  1. The Light In My Darkness
    by Erebos
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    The Light In My Darkness The Light In My Darkness
    I can listen to this for hours and hours. I will feature this album in my own music production here on bandcamp as the most similar one.
  2. Imperfect
    by Sadness
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    Brave New Void Brave New Void
  3. Visions of Ruination
    by Decarabia / Tahazu
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    Forsaken Being Forsaken Being
    A great album, atmospheric and sensual. Brings you to a different transcendental world.
  4. Seven Crystals - A Melankolia Tribute to Final Fantasy
    by Melankolia
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    Prelude Prelude
  5. Succour Midst Sorrow
    by Melankolia
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    The Meaning of My Existence The Meaning of My Existence
    I think this album is the most interesting production of Melankolia. Very atmospheric ambient music, with interesting piano sections.
    Mastering speaking vocal needs a bit better noise cancelling and 'S' and 'T' when reverb is overwhelming and makes this a bit irritating. I know this problem from my own productions. It is hard to make everything sounding perfect when mastering on your own.
  6. III
    by Melankolia
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    The Mirror of the Past (Quies Animi pt. III) The Mirror of the Past (Quies Animi pt. III)
  7. Attich Ebulum
    by Santa_Sangre_Sounds
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    Witches Night Witches Night
    I bought this album only because this track of Lamia Vox, who inspires me widely in my own music production, but I love the idea of compilation of very distant genres and enjoy listening to the whole album just waiting to what surprise will be the next track!
  8. Dark Ambient vol. 3
    by V/A
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    Telesis Telesis
  9. Nord Frost - "Solstitium"
    by Nord Frost
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    Lunae Candentia Lunae Candentia
    Again Nord Frost gave me a lot of satisfaction from listening to their Solsititium album. More to my taste than Inter Sidera. Still too much electronic but far more versatile, surprising but elegant and smooth changes during the tracks makes it very interesting. I am making music myself and this is a great inspiration for me
  10. Reincarnation - "Nothing is Permanent"
    by Reincarnation
    Nothing is Permanent Nothing is Permanent
    Such an interesting production! Starts with a slightly boring windstrings but when piano is involved it also starts catching attention the complete surprise comes with drums and from that moment the music just flow and become more and more interesting. Definitely I will use some of the ideas in my own music productions
  11. Nord Frost - "Inter Sidera"
    by Nord Frost
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    Nocte Caelum Nocte Caelum
    They managed to create an great atmosphere from the very beginning of the album. With a slim ambient electronic sound the whole production became one of my favourite and gave me a lot to think about my own music, although I like more symphonic sounding. Great work anyway!
  12. Elderwind - "The Magic of Nature"
    by Elderwind
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    When the Rain Starts Again When the Rain Starts Again
    Absolutely love the whole production. I came across some time ago on YouTube and since it is an inspiration for my own music and productions. Great album.
  13. The Great Unknown
    by The Foundation
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    Fading Memory, Fading Existence (The Journey Pt. III) Fading Memory, Fading Existence (The Journey Pt. III)
    Really well composed metal album. Such a shame mastering is not as great as the music itself (but that is just a technical problem- music is just well done, very interesting just need to listen very carefully as volume is low and not all instruments are as sharp as should be. I am making music myself, different genre and style and I record it myself too so I know how painful mastering can be... Overall really good album
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  14. Lament
    by Frostmind
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    Flight of Time Flight of Time
    Such a great composition. Double bass, piano, jazzy as hell. Love it. I make music too, kind of similar to this.
  15. Solitude
    by Frostmind
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  16. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
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    Supreme (feat. Hayley Stewart) Supreme (feat. Hayley Stewart)
    Completely different music from anything I listen to but it catches and it's interesting. I make music too and this kind of 'discovery' is always good to get some perspective. I enjoy the light female vocal. I would get rid of the electronic drums if this would be my production. ANYWAY great album,unique for sure.
  17. Psychotic Behaviours
    by Immunize
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    Mass Grave Mass Grave
  18. Blooming
    by Talvienkeli
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    Crossfade Crossfade
    Fascinating from the very first track. Great album. Love the atmosphere, every track is different and surprise, bit of oriental harmonic (love it) I am making music myself too and I think in many ways this album is similar to my productions.
  19. Possession
    by Nox Doloris
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    Possession Possession
    This music has simply POSSESSIVE POWER on me. I wish to make music like this, so far I am trying my best in recording symphonic metal. Greetings
  20. Dymy
    by Lux Occulta
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